Fix for Bad Media Errors and DVD skip problems

Okay I found out why my machine was getting the “Bad Media” and Media Write errors with the code of 10 11 w2. It turns out when I installed my new dvd burner it set my second IDE interface to PIO. The IDE interface that the DVD drives are installed on should always be UDMA (Ultra DMA Mode).

To check to see if this is your problem,

  1. Go to the device manager, and expand IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers
  2. Highlight the IDE channel that your dvd burner is connected to (primary or secondary)
  3. Right mouse click and select properties
  4. Click on the advanced settings tab
  5. Make sure transfer mode says DMA if available
  6. Current Transfer Mode should say Ultra DMA Mode
    If this says anything else, you will be creating a lot of costers and skipping dvd’s

If both of these are correct, check your bios settings and make sure UDMA is set or it may say ATA/33

If none of this works, its a good chance that its the IDE cable. Some DVD drives recomemend an 80 pin and some recommend a 40 pin. I would try a new one of each and see if it helps.

Still good so far. I am now able to burn on any dvd-r without problems, even cheap dvds. And my stand alone players are viewing the disks fine without any skipping.

Glad everything is working for you. DMA has been a long-time issue with CD/DVD Burners alike so nothing that new here unfortunately. Another reason for “Bad Media” errors is poorly made discs or discs that your drive doesn’t properly support writing too. Had this happen to me just recently. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Ive heard that with some people, but this is my second DVD burner, and I have never not been able to write to any media. I may have just been lucky but I usually buy the cheapest media I can find. My first drive I did have a lot of coasters at first, but buying a better IDE cable fixed this issue. It seems that sheilding is really important with a lot of DVD burners. I also buy the cheapest DVD burner I can find, my current one is an aopen purchased from tiger direct for $50 this month. I was able to backup all of my newest DVDs last night at 8x on cheap media, average burn time for just the movie no extras was 12 min.