Fix DVDFab Errors. Registry Smart Cleaner

I saw in this Forum the RigistrySmart Cleaner software. Does anyone know if it’s effective and more importantly, how safe is it? It appears that my PC has the symptoms it listed and I’d like to try it. However, I’m afraid that it may make my system worse. Any advice on using this software is appreciated.

Try CCleaner and its freeware and updated all the time!

I use registry cleaner all the time…
no problems with it…

also have free CCleaner…

both do the job and both are updated regularly,

i dont really think that a registry cleaner can do this.

We guarantee our software will eliminate 100% of your PC errors and restore you computer back to it’s optimal performance!

but if used properly and backups created before deleting anything i dont see the harm in using them.

i use regseeker, ccleaner and advanced windows care, all free. advanced windows care does alot more than just scan the registry and it is free.

i just downloaded the trial of RegistrySmart Cleaner and ran a free scan. also performed just the scan of my other registry programs.

ccleaner registry integrity, 9 problems

advanced windows care registry fix, 22 problems

regseeker clean the registry, 28 problems

i also have registry fast, 194 problems.

RegistrySmart Cleaner, 234 problems

i then ran the programs in the same order fixing the registry

ccleaner, 9 problems

advanced windows care, 15 problems

regseeker, 21 problems

registry fast, 182 problems

RegistrySmart Cleaner scan only, 231 problems found.


My vote is with Regseeker as well…have used it for years and recommended it many times. Free, safe, effective, easy to use and safe as reg cleaners go.
There’a link in my sig if you’re interested.
I’ve also used ccleaner with good results.

Like troy, I’d be very skeptical of any utility that claims to do it all…:wink:

Thanks to all who posted valuable advice. I’ll try some of the softwares lised. Thanks again.