Fix Divx files before turning them into DVDs



I’m out of ideas. With about 50-60% of my Divx files
i can not produce DVDs. Here is what happens:

  • Although the divx looks perfectly fine, dvd2svcd
    stops extracting the audio. In fact it does it up
    to a certain percentage, i.e. 30% then directly
    jumps to 100%

  • This is a sure indicator that you are screwed,
    since after you followed the complete CM Tutorial
    for DivX to DVD, TmpgEne DVD Author will leave
    you with a DVD file that ends abruptly, with this
    example after 30% of the movie

  • I tried numerous fixes being offerend in numerous
    threads but in all cases I ended up with a complete
    movie (good news), with the audio totally out of
    sync (bad news)

  • Is there any comprehensive guide that offers a
    solution that does not require a degree in rocket

So far I tried virtual dub, numdub, divxfix, divx repair
and some other more exotic software. To no avail.

Please help!!!


Try extracting the audio with CoolEdit.


Originally posted by celtic_druid
Try extracting the audio with CoolEdit.

That’s what I call “a comprehensive guide”! Well, thank you…


If NanDUB, etc cant extract it for you, try loading the AVI into GoldWave. It will filter out the audio as it loads and ignores the Video. Then just SAVE as a 16bit Stereo WAV file. Convert this to AC3 with BeSweet and re-author.


I couldn’t see the need for any more details/instructions. Although if you need them, it is basically the same as what ChickenMan suggested except using CoolEdit instead.

If the audio isn’t 48KHz then you could also resample while you are at it, although you could also just do that whilst re-encoding to AC3.