Fix Audio Cd?

I have an audio CD which I like very much. the problem is that this CD is not an original a friend made it for me in a CD-R in another country. This CD is now all scratched up and moat of the time unreadable. I tried using this “Scratch Fixer” but that didn’t help. The CD has 18 songs and only 4-5 play with many background noises. Is there any way that I can save this CD? I can’t get those songs anymore because they were recorded LIVE and my friend deleted the originals from his pc.

Is there any program that can mayybe just read the bytes of the CD and make an image of it and interpolate or makeup (i dont know) whatever parts are missing and then i can burn this image into a new CD-R?

Any help is very much appreciated…



Maybe this URL can help you a little:


Here’s something that has saved my ass a few times, it might work for you…put the CD in your writer(it’s a better reader than your cd-rom)…make a new folder on your desktop…open your writer in ‘my computer’ and you should see the contents of your disk…drag each one individually with your ‘right’ mouse button to the new folder and click ‘copy here’…
Now you can burn a new cd from the new folder…sounds really simple but it has worked for me on some badly damaged disks that I had borrowed from the library…Good Luck!!