Fix 16x burners Before Introducing 18X!

I used to use Lite-on drives exclusively but the offerings in the last year just can’t compete with the features, quality and real time overall performance with the Benq or NEC drives yet here we go again now Lite-on in going to release an 18x burner. How about releasing a 16X than can compete head to head with the NEC 1640 and 1655 or the Nec 3500 series. Lite-on has lost their edge , it’s to bad. :frowning:

Up until I bought a new SHW-160P6S I would have been the first to agree with you. I was real tired of fiddling around with 16X burners and 16X media producing pretty good results at 8X. Now I am cranking out 16X burn after 16X burn on MCC004 media that score 95 and play without a hitch in everything I stuff them in. Finally !

And for only $40 shipped from the champs at NewEgg.

LiteON has already done a good JOB and FIX 16x burn problem in 1673s/1693s!!

so i think LiteON has done good in last year and i can tell you now that my 1635s perform in 16x burn Very well :bow:

I just bought a Lite-On 1635, two of them in fact, and with the latest firmware they outperform the two NEC 3500s and the one NEC 3550 to which I have compared them. It doesn not matter what media I use or what speeds I burn at the Lite-Ons make the NECs look like junk. Even using Verbatim media the NECs can’t come close to the Lite-Ons. Luckily the 3550 was bought for a friend and one of the 3500s is a replacement for the first one that died so I am simply relegating the 3500 to an audio CD ripper since it doesn’t cache data.

I will never buy an NEC drive again.

I wouldn’t use either of the 1635’s you own. You should immediately notify Lite-on as you must have the 2 best 1635’s ever produced!

Ehh… personally I think my liteons (5th and 6th gen) are higher quality than my NECs; at least Verbatim DLPs verify when burning at 12-16x in ImgBurn unlike the problems I’m having with my NEC4551 and 3550 :rolleyes: as for comparisons with other drives, I don’t find Liteons to be at a significant disadvantage with mitsubishi or taiyo yuden media. Maybe sometimes with Ritek, but even my other drives have problems with those, with the exception of the 716A (oddly enough both of them) or the DW1655 (which people tend to knock on the Benq forum).

My Liteon 1693 with KC4B does just as good a job as my LG, NEC, BenQ, and is better than my Pioneer.

Too bad it is not available anymore.

Or maybe some bad NEC drives?

My LiteOn 1635S doesn’t burn anything I have thrown at it better than my NEC 4551 drive, but it burns some media better than my NEC 3500 - e.g. Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03) and Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC 004).

When it comes to burning CD-R media, both my NEC drives are clearly superior to the 1635S so far.

it doesn’t have relinking spikes, for one :slight_smile: and MCCs don’t fail.