Five reasons to buy a Playstation 3

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At PC World the writers are giving you five reasons why you should have bought a Playstation 3 for father’s day. It’s been a while since Sony entered the next-gen console market with…

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Five reasons to buy a PS3: 1) You like DRM 2) You love sucking up to big Japanese corporations 3) You like Blu-ray 4) You have more money than brains 5) Microsoft molested you as a child

Another whining comments from a guy who doesn’t own any HD products. Pathetic. For Tim Stork, in your article 2nd reason “Home entertainment system” you forgot to mention a set of important part from PC World article: “the inclusion of network connectivity and the capability to play music or videos and view photos” My PS3 is mainly use for Home Entertainment system playing videos (including Blu-ray, DVD, and AVI/Divx).

Sorry, the PS3 is an ugly pile of overpriced Sony crap. :r

Ive asked two of my buddies who have a PS3 AND an XBOX 360 and they both prefer the XBOX 360… Ironically, they care less at this point in time about the Blu-Ray playability because they feel the prices are too high on the movies…
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And again a pitfall… At start the Sony had 60GB hdd and was compatible with PS2 games. The price drop is not a price droop but has removed support for PS2 games and the standard hdd is now 40GB. Is it a price drop or do you just get less features instead?

The best point is the games. MGS and Gran Turismo 5 are pretty much going to wipe the floor with XBOX. Nothing microsoft brings to the table can match those two titles. Once Final Fantasy XXXIV (lol) comes out, it will nail the coffin shut.

Yeah, but the PS3 has been around for almost two years… and up til now there hasn’t been any decent game so hardcore gamers went for Xbox. These two or more decent and exclusive games come too late if you ask me. And what then… these two come and go and where are the other ones ? M$ has 2-3 decent games every month. Not to mention, we mostly buy game consoles for GAMING not for home entertainment. Also Sony’s online service is a joke compared to Xbox Live.

I have both a PS3 and an XBOX 360. Both have their strong points. Xbox 360 connected with a mediacenter pc is really great in watching and recording tv. But with the PS3 you have much more freedom. I can move movies, music and pictures from any source to the PS3 and vice versa. I can replace the harddisc myself for a nice priced larger one. That stupid XBOX 360 HD is absurd expensive and its impossible to move things from that HD to any other medium. And the XBOX makes far too much noice for the living room. It sounds like a vacuum-cleaner. And I like watching blu-ray movies. Microsift has bet on the wrong team (HD-DVD). For games only the XBOX is the best choice.

@ Patrick “And the XBOX makes far too much noice for the living room. It sounds like a vacuum-cleaner.” I will give you that. It’s crazy loud.

5 reasons not to buy a Shitbox 360 1) RROD - Because of dumb, lazy, greedy Americans. 2) No games - Halo sucks, Mass Effect is boring, Gears is stupid, BioShock is coming to the PS3. 3) Overpriced - $350 for a DVD based machine when $50 more gets you free online play and Blu-ray. 4) Can’t install games - no ultra-fast SSD for 360 owners. 5) Microshit - Worst company in the world. Most harmful anti-consumer, monopoly ever. :B :B :B PS3 FTW!!! HELL YEAH!!! :X :X :X

Wii FTW!

I think a commodore 64 would wipe the floor with both of them :slight_smile:

Ok let’s see - Finally some good games: quite questionable point - Home entertainment system: let it be… sure someone buys a game console for home entertainment… me NOT - A litlle bit cheaper: than what ? Than an overpriced BR player or what ? Much more expensive than a Wii or an X360… - Online network improved: improved, yet again compared to what ? To a zero ? Or to Xbox Live ? Joke… - Help a Stanford University research: oh, yeah let me help them to research, then let me invest in those drugs for a fortune, eh ??? And will they pay my costs or what ? Electricity and other factors are not that cheap these days… dying PS3’s also can cost a fortune… :r :r :r Someone mentioned his 5 points why not to buy an X360: let me react on that aswell… RROD… you should give up mentioning that. The crysis is over, you better watch your dying PS3’s as seems the same dying PS3 problem has been reported on different boards quite often… :B no games… then what would you say regarding the PS3… no games there at all. :smiley: Overpriced: oh, it’s less than 200 bucks mate… :slight_smile: Free online is not worth to be mentioned, and BR is not a must for most gamers at all… it’s rather a good advert not more. Can’t install games… yes, this is true… and that is what M$ should have looked at much earlier… M$ itself… yeah, $ony does the same tricks so that is not a really good reason. All in all I still vote for a machine that I can use for what it was developed for: gaming. I do not need BR, do not need a DivX player, do not WANT to help research and idiot things like that, all I need is a machine that I can play with. And the current game releases simply show that it’s the X360 that does that task perfectly…

@ u_n_s97 He shoots… he scores !!! :slight_smile:

"- Home entertainment system: let it be… sure someone buys a game console for home entertainment… me NOT " Um, yeah in fact it is still the most popular BluRay player available. Though now that some BluRay players are coming out that are almost as good, and less expensive, it is starting to have competition. I got the Playstation myself (for $300, not $400, at WalMart) and I use it only as a BluRay player, but, my housemate says he may get some games for it. Whether I’d use it for all entertainment purposes, I don’t know. I still have a regular DVD player hooked up to my screen too because I don’t want to wear the Playstation out – at $300, I want it to last a few years. If I was short on room though, yeah, I’d play by DVDs and my CDs in it too.

Numerous friends have both and hardly play either. I here nothing bad things about 360s horrible noise and breaking problems (2 having to have theres fixed quite a few times which takes months). Then theres PS3 being expensive and lackluster in gaming department. Hell only time they use either is when a new game comes out then its play for a few days then back to playing PC games online. Sorry controller based online gaming is garbage.

"5) Microshit - Worst company in the world. Most harmful anti-consumer, monopoly ever. " I agree, and I could also throw Sony’s name into the mix as well…

I think it’s funny when people get into MS/Sony fights and the Sony side always plays the “monopoly” card. Sure, MS has a fair share of the OS world, but have you ever considered what Sony owns? Check this site out: It’s actually pretty scary to think Sony can control so much that we see and do.

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