Five reasons to buy a Playstation 3

[LEFT]At PC World the writers are giving you five reasons why you should have bought a Playstation 3 for father’s day. It’s been a while since Sony entered the next-gen console market with the Blu-ray fitted PS3, and since then we’ve heard a lot of bad news surrounding the console. According to PC World it might be the right time to reconsider your thoughts…

Finally some good games

In the first place we can now say that there are some nice and very good games on Sony’s console. With a true racing simulator like Gran Turismo available only on the Playstation 3 many race fans are bound to buy the console. Besides Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid 4, the next Final Fantasy and the currently available Grand Theft Auto IV also give a good reason to impress dad on Sunday.

Home entertainment system

Secondly PC World believes that Sony’s inclusion of a Blu-ray player gives the console an edge. At first many probably think they buy a gaming console, but eventually the black, zooming thing is a home entertainment system. A DTS-HD output is believed to make music fans happy, say Keith Shaw and Daniel Hunt at PC World, and being the number one Blu-ray player out there makes the console even more interesting.

A litlle bit cheaper

The third reason from PC World is probably different for everyone. After an expensive start, since the PS3 was priced at $600 during its debut, we now see that the console will cost you between $400-499. Of course this is still not a significant price drop.

Online network improved

At the start the Playstation’s online network was horrible, when compared to the paid version from Microsoft’s Xbox. Although Sony offered this service for free they eventually agreed that it needed some tuning and currently it has been greatly improved, says PC World.

Help a Stanford University research

Your Playstation can be used in a Stanford University project aimed at understanding protein folding, misfolding and related diseases. If you are a PS3 owner you only have to install the client software and soon your cell processors will be devoted to the distributed computing project.

Of course all the five reasons given by PC World don’t make the Playstation 3 the best console out there, but definitely show that the PS3 is back in the race.


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OMFG! It’s a gaming console?

I played GT4-prelogue for about 10 minutes … and went back to my wii …

The PS3 is a great little entertainment centre though.
I can’t wait until it gets decent Xvid, MKV & NTFS support though :stuck_out_tongue:

And here I am still happy playing my original Xbox :slight_smile:

My next console purchase will be a Wii