Five going to Freesat

True or not, i’m just wondering.

Five is now available FTA on 28e, 10773 H, SID 6335.

Interesting to see it free-to-air over a week in advance of it’s November 18th schedule. :wink:

I remember when Five was the first national channel to go free-to-air on satellite back in the days of analogue satellite, only then to become part of Sky’s entry level subscription package when Sky launched its Digital satellite service.

The other two channels (Five US & Fiver) have yet to go FTA.

It would be nice if RTÉ (the Irish national broadcaster) would make its channels available FTA on satellite, as its satellite channel line-up is only available as part of a Sky subscription. They even have yet to launch a terrestrial digital service, with trials still going on in Dublin.

Although the official Five Freesat launch date has passed, the original few Five channels on satellite remain encrypted, like Channel 4 when it originally went free-to-air. On Freesat receivers, Five will automatically appear on channel 105.

For those interested in tuning in this channel on a non Freesat receiver box, if you haven’t realy done so, carry out a channel rescan. Then have a look through through the end of the channel list, as the free-to-air Five channel is unnamed. Many receivers will show the channel as “Service 6335” or just “6335”, so if you can show the channel list in alphabetical order (e.g. on Manhattan receivers), just scroll through the group of unnamed channels for “6335”.

The Five website mentions that they are working on bringing Fiver and Five US to Freesat, which will be nice to have.

Right, the Channel is unnamed, so most receivers will name them according to the ServiceID: 6335. :wink: