Fitting an Image file onto a CD RW

I have an Image and Bin file on my hard drive and I’d like to copy that onto a DVD or CD.

When I insert a DVD+R Cd, Nero tells me that this CD is not suitable.

So then I insert a CDRW in the drive but then it tells me that the CDRW doesn’t have enough space to fit the image and cue file on there.

Any idea on what I can do to get the Image file burned onto either one of my CD/DVDs?

Appreciate the help.


is the rw formatted/reformatted? blank?

a regular cd should work depending on the size of the image / bin.

What size is the .bin file? Anything upto about 800mb should fit on to a 700mb CD-R.

The file itself is 797 MB. This is what it says when I point to it.

However, when I try to burn it, a dialog box appears saying:

Please insert an 80 Min / 700 MB disc.

Data to be written 694 MB.

Space available on the disc 651 MB.

I did erase al data from the CD beforehand with a full erase.

Any suggestions?


It’ll burn to a 700mb CD-R but that looks like a 74min CD-RW.

ok, thanks for that.