Fitting 4.41 gigs onto DVD



Someone from another thread to use overburn or shortleadin to fit 4.41 on a 4.38 DVD. Is that possible and how can I do this? Thanks in advance.


You need a DVD burner capable of overburning DVD+R media. The only such drives I know of are: Plextor PX-712/PX-716, BenQ DW1620/1640/1650/1655.

You also need a burning application capable of performing overburning. One such is ImgBurn.


Unless you have an exceptionaly good DVD I would not recommend overburning a DVD unless you want to live on the edge (no pun intended :D) There is potential for higher error rates towards the outer surface as the discs were not certified or meant to be written there so why chance it… If you do manage to overburn make sure you scan the disc to avoid unpleasant surprises :slight_smile:


I just used DVDshrink. Worked out great. Thanks though everyone.