Fisher Price’s Smart Toy Bear leaked name, birthday and gender of child



We’ve just posted the following news: Fisher Price’s Smart Toy Bear leaked name, birthday and gender of child[newsimage][/newsimage]

A smart teddy bear from Fisher Price allowed attackers to steal the name, birthdate and gender of the child that owns the toy. This was possible due to a vulnerability in an accompanying app. The ‘Smart Toy Teddy Bear’ is able to recognize and memorize the voice of the child and respond to what it says.

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IoT, the race is on.

The trend of making everything ‘smart’ may turn out to be dumb :rolleyes:
Not really that interesting apart from on the principal plane as my daughter hopefully will be celebrating her 20th birthday later this year. Still I would have hesitated in buying ‘smart’ toys (I guess there were pricey options even back around the millennium).

If you are a parent in the group who are thinking about buying such smart toys, do read about it on the net and be sceptical of the features implemented. Even though Fisher Price say they have patched the hole for now, there is nothing that is really safe.

I do work much with security and I have become very cautious and sceptical, being it hardware devices, operating systems or the IoT (Internet of Things).

Parents main focus should be providing security for their kid(s) in any and all ways possible, and buying ‘smart’ toys, especially those communicating on the net, may not be the best way of providing that security as far as I see it. :flower: