Firstplay: jump directly to title, option not working

On some titles, like the fog, gridiron gang, casino royale, and some others that option is not working.

This isn’t a guaranteed option that will work on all movies and if you read the warning that popped up when you ticked this option you would of known this.

This goes back to my request that Slysoft add an additional warning in the AnyDVD status window that when a nasty protection is detected, such as that on the titles you’ve mentioned above, a HUGE @$$ warning shows up saying the Jump To options may not work. No response on that request so far.

You can load the files into PgcEdit and use the Jump 2 PGC Macro. Have a read of this guide. You can also remove the crap at the start aswell (FBI warnings etc).

ok, so it’s a protection issue. I thought it was a bug in the updated software. I hope Slysoft can get over that soon.

It isn’t a protection issue. This feature does not work 100% with any program. With the guide I gave you, you can do it yourself. It’s foolproof.

AnyDVD must find the menu. Now, how can it do that without user intervention? I’m not sure exactly how it finds the menu.