First wave of Blu-ray titles hit the (online) shelves



I just posted the article First wave of Blu-ray titles hit the (online) shelves.

 DeadMan used our news submit to tell us "Of course whether they are popular or not remains to be  seen. Lord of War being the only "new" title from that small selection may put  people off."    ...
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Don’t buy them, boycote !


Hopefully DVDJon will get some of both, as soon as the players come out. :d


Boycott all DRM products including Vista!:B


Not really ground-breaking news. DVDSoon is notorious for listing stuff they don’t have (like, DVDs that have been out-of-print for years!) I see they haven’t lost the touch.


When i did the Search for the “Chronos” Blu Ray it Recommended “Penthouse Pet Of The Year” is that telling also the Resolution of Said title differs on Blu Ray (1080P) Vs HD-DVD(1125i).


Is any of this REAL high def? That is NOT upsampled nonsense. That is the real stupidity of this format…most is just upsampled stuff and not native HD. This should be noted on the package if it is an upsample or natively shot HD.


dvdsoon are con artists. they just listed these titles to try to get attention - and it looks like they succeeded.


Has anyone Not watched The Fifth Element? thats the point. The movie is like 20 years old. And i doubt Luc Besson even heard of digital cameras back then. But to give the industry a credit they may actually make an HD print off the film. Will it make it better - not likely, cos the element herself, if you remember the plot, is already “perfect”. :d Just a fan’s 2 cents.


FidelC How “Ultraviolet” and 'Resident Evil" of you.(All strangely owned by Sony)Man it feels like it was released 50 Years ago. :slight_smile:


You are so freaking retarded. I agree with the first part. But wut the heck are you talkin about Vista for. Vista has nothing to do with DRM Restrictions, only that it will support them. You can still freely use any codecs you want for your media on Vista. Vista will not lock you into using protected formats for your audio cds and “un-protected” dvds. If anything, you should be thanking Microsoft for NOT listening to Hollywood. If you can recall, Hollywood wanted the ability to control all media on your computer, and decide whether or not you could play a song or not. MS pondered the idea with Palladium, but then scaled it way back because they know consumers would backlash.


Ultra violeNt it is of me. LOL!


If MS thought they could have pulled Palladium off in full they would have. But alas we will have Vista and I do still believe it has DRM technology embedded. Perhaps others could put me right in relation to this. Apologies if I am wrong in this area.


cheaper than expected, but i am not sure those will be worth the price (more than twice of dvd versions) well mastered dvd quality is more than what my tv can show (panasonic 32" 16:9 hdtv); i don’t have player nor want to buy one. last time i visited, pre-order of sony’s bd player ranked “0”…not sure that means no pre-order was received or not, but it looked nobody pre-ordered one at


this is in response to ron spencer’s post: Isn’t film naturally have more resolution than HDTV standards? If these transfers are from film, I assume, depending on the transfer, they start off with a higher resolution than even HDTV (remember film doesn’t have “pixels” hence you can blow them up huge and not have pixelation). And they are usually of a wider aspect then HDTV cameras. HDTV cameras are more useful in say TV mediums, such as football games and sitcoms. NOte I am not debating the merits of using digital cameras (a la George Lucas et. al.).


Fifth element is a little less than 8 years old (May 1997). As a fan you should have known that! :stuck_out_tongue: Still I agree with the sentiment, why such old titles?


Only few recent titles are mastered in full HD so this hype is all about make you buying twice the same product! :r You won’t see a major difference as you actually cannot see any different from film like “Shall we Dance?” that is out in a 2 DVD pack with the second in HD WMV. Pictures HAVE to be generated in HD to really see the difference. Also for this reason they will not be able to equal the success of the DVD. From VHS it makes sense for all kind of pictures but from DVD to HD DVD it makes sense only for native high res pictures and, actually, there are a few for now. Besides all the currently major pictures are mastered in HD so you will have more and more titles that use native HD.


Actualy if they were to transfer the 5’th element from the original film tape they might have a chance to transform to HD given the fact that the film tape used has a resolution quality higher than any top digital cam ever achived yet
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All film is about 4000x4000 resolution, evey title will benefit, now to get full benefit wait for the MPEG-4 versions to be released, these are only MPEG-2 titles. You can argue that film is too grainy to be 4kx4k but they all benefit from Blu-Ray


I seriously doubt that ALL films are originally mastered in 4000x4000 resolution… Mpeg2 vs Mpeg4 is only a matter of bit rate… You have better compression vs picture quality in mpeg4. Just look at some old “cult” movies that were released in DVD you immediately see that the picture sharpness, the details, the colors and so on cannot really match the latest movie also released in DVD. It will be the same on a lot of film currently on DVD. You will not see any mahor difference on BR or HD DVD. So you will surely see big difference in movies like Episode III of SW. But you won’t see big difference in a HD release of Episode IV…