First videos only available to Youtube Red subscribers appear



We’ve just posted the following news: First videos only available to Youtube Red subscribers appear[newsimage][/newsimage]

Youtube today announced the first videos that can only be viewed by Youtube Red subscribers. The first videos are produced by famous Youtubers such as Lilly Singh, Rooster Teeth, PewDiePie and AwesomenessTV.

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Screw that, I pay enough bills as it is so why would I pay for stuff that should be free, especially when they try to shove commercials on the beginning of videos. I decided to pay for Amazon prime becuase they had a one day sale for 67 bucks but hated that it was almost impossible to get free shipping now without it.
I hope all these pay to play schemes start costing these companies users but they all want a constant free profit stream for not doing anything but giving users the privilege of using their services.
I have dropped some things I liked using because for now I don’t want to add more money into my credit card or be short on important bills money.


Yes, screw that as well. I can’t see many sane people paying to watch crap on Youtube.
With the constant barrage and kinda sly (you might not notice) way Amazon get you to have Prime. I will not pay for any more subscriptions, enough is enough, my name is not Trump!


/me looks at youtube.

Hmm… so i can’t watch some videos anymore unless i pay up?

/me looks at his pile of video games desperately hoping for some time together
/me looks at his pile of series and movies i still have not watched

Hmm… i think i have a cheap solution what else to do with my time…


It is the general problem of the day.
$10 a month or $120 per year in the U.S. may not be much, but there are a bunch of other subscription offers now as well and you can easily get to $100 each month unless you have a firm grip on your wallet.
In other words, users will have to have to start choosing to have money for the usual bills and keep food on the table.
I have so far stayed clear of any and all subscriptions and choose to support freeware programmers by donating instead, but I guess many subscribe to Netflix and Spotify and maybe one or two more which may total $50 each month or $600 a year.

If you compare Office 365 and Office 2016, it seems clear that Office 2016 is much more expensive, but in reality it is not… Not if you take the price of 2016 and divide it by 60 (5 years expected life-time {you’re still good to go with Office 2010 if you have that}) and in comparison with 365, 2016 is way cheaper at least in this country. I have not checked, but I can imagine the same is true for Adobe’s subscription. I found that my need in that camp is only Photoshop Elements and so I bought that… Way cheaper, I’m sure :slight_smile:


I too avoid paying subscription charges as frequently as possible. I do pay for Netflix (which I may cancel in the future), which of course pales in comparison to what my ISP charges me for internet ($19/month my butt), but for things like office software, I simply won’t pay more than once. To acquire a program, and then pay for it, then pay for it, then pay for it, then pay for it… to me that seems insane.

Just watch, it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing subscription-based web browsers. “You payed for this software for three years in a row, but you didn’t pay for it this month. Therefore, you don’t get to browse the web.” That’s my prediction for the future, and I’m sticking with it.

Subscriptions are a very bad idea, and in the case of software and/or storage, I would opt for something that doesn’t charge you subscription fees. For computer storage, this is as easy as buying virtually any HDD, flash drive, SSD, DVD-R, etc. Not paying for subscription-based software is even easier: there are many programs available for many purposes, and many of these programs are $0.