First USe On 1Click

Went flawlessly. Can’t complain about this one.

As long as you are using AnyDVD with regular 1Click, your troubles should be at a minimum.
Happy burning,

Couple of Q’s please. I also have something called DeFab DVD Decrypter, and Copy To DVD SE. DO I need these two pgms? The DVD43FREE was removed by ANyDVD. If I understand correctly, the ANyDVD decrypts the source DVD, true?

DvdFab is just another decrypter out there that people use (it is better than DVD43) that is free. CopytoDVD is no longer used by 1clickdvdcopy - the new version of 1click has its own burn engine “CopyToCD”

AnyDVD bypasses the encription on the original DVD - so yes you are aright

It is always a good idea to have some backup programs for your backup programs! DVDFab Decrypter is a wonderful free decrypter so you should keep it just incase.

Copytodvd se is a decent program for backing up music and movies that are already on your harddrive. I would keep both programs!

Thanks for the info. Just starting here.

I also have Nero 6, but I have just used it for making/backing up data CD’s.

Some Nero programs and 1Click have been known to conflict with each other. Just not sure which versions, if you are not experinceing any problems then don’t worry about it. And just have fun with it.

Nero’s InCD can conflict with 1Click’s burning engine. Nothing else in the Nero suite poses a problem with 1Click.

I knew it was something from Nero, just couldn’t remember which one it was. Thanks Bigboard

So 1 ClickDVDCopy does not decrypt on its own?

If that’s the case, then the name of it is rather ambiguous. A lot would look at that name and assume that’s all you needed (when you still needed a ripper which they don’t sell). At least Recode 2 advertises it’s for non-copy protected material. I don’t see that mentioned on the 1 Click site.

Take a look at this link under reading. . .specifically the one with the reference to “this disk is encrypted…”

Ok I saw it (even though it’s a bit hidden). I think some may purchase this program thinking it does everything only to find after they bought it that a decrypter is still needed. When purchasing Nero for example it says right there that the software is not for copy protection copying. The information is right there to show you what you’re really buying.

I don’t use this program (I have no need for it with all the other programs I have) or know anything about it really. From the name of it though I always assumed it did everything but now know it doesn’t.

I’m not knocking the program, I just think the name of it is a bit misleading.

The name is not misleading at all.

1Click = Once all the choices (presets) have been made they are set and never need adjustment unless you desire to. Put the original DVD in the drive and click start once and thats it. With a decrypter running in the background its just 1 click.

DVDCopy = Not once did the name ever say “1ClickDVD Decrypter and Copy”. It does exactly as its name states, copies DVDs.

I highly recommend the regular version of 1Click its a good tool to have when some others fail, and they all do from time to time.