First timer (please be gentle..LOL) (Lite-On SHW-160H6S)

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On SHW-160H6S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Alright,

Im TOTALLY new to this and have only attempted to make 2 copies so far so I really dont know what Im doing.
Here is what I can tell you, I have a Lite On SHW-160H6S drive and Windows XP.

I downloaded a couple of movies from and I thought it would be simple to copy them so I can watch them on my DVD player. I have 3 differant DVD players and havent had any luck yet.
They play fine in the PC.
I tried burning the first one with Nero 6 Ultra…
And the second I used a trial of ConvertXtoDVD to convert it and then burn it. It took forever it seemed like and since it was just a trial it said it would put a water mark on the picture. I didnt care because if it had worked I was going to get the full version.
But still the only thing that happens is I get a “disc error” message.
Now I will admit my players arent the newest but I looked up one to see if it even was able to reconize DVD-R (media Im using) and it says it does.
On the second attempt, I set the quality to the highest setting even though it told this would be slow. (thinking slower was better)
It said that it finalized the disc.
So what am I missing…
Do I need a new DVD player or am I just nothing doing somehthing right?
I have burned alot of music and data CDs but never messed with DVD’s
Thanks for any help.

I forgot to mention that Im using Memorex DVD-R Discs.

Hello chaoticnerd,

I used to use 3 different programs. dvd dycrypter, dvd shrink, tham image burn. Pain it the butt, works great. Then I bought DVDFab Platinum. Lots of options, if you want, and haven’t had a coaster in a coons age.
It’s $50, but worth it.

Image Burn is the best free one for burning.

I have used Convertx to do a couple of hundred conversion/burns to DVD and have never had any issues as far as the burn goes… I did however run into several non-compliant DVD players that might say on paper they recognise + - DVD’s but it can be very hit or miss… I also use ImgBurn with tons of success… So my guess would be that it is a DVD player issue… I have one DVD player that is only 4 years old and will not play anything I copy… it will play originals only dunno if this helps but this has been my experience anyways…:cool:

One thing you may want to do, is check the booktyping and see what it is set to … You want it to be set to DVD-ROM …And you may want to improve the quality of your blank media as well…