First time using DVD Shrink, question regarding the process

first time using my NEC 3500A to copy DVDs and i gave DVD Shrink a try and did Man of Fire. it took me about 35 minutes, and im running on a 2.8 P4, 768MB and used Liggy’s 2.18 firmware. i just want to double check with the pros to see if the time it takes me to finish encoding(saving to HD) using DVD Shrink is normal.

btw for Compression Settings using Custom Ratio what’s the lowest possible value for the Main Movie or any part in general(Menu, Extras) without showing a huge difference compared to original. i think for Man of Fire i was able get it up 69% by taking out extras and other languages.

  1. Time: perfectly normal. Should even be longer if you choose high-quality (deep analysis).

  2. Compression:

I use the automatic compression and all looks fine to me.

Shrink will usually take me anywhere between 16 minutes to 25 minutes to encode and 5-7 minutes to burn on
a plextor with 16x media…

your 35 minutes sounds normal…


Don’t know how long you have been using Shrink so the information on this page of mine:

May or may not be of use to you. :cool:

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I dont know what u guys might think but does anyone know that if dvdshrink is a bit faster then clonedvd2. i have been using shrink for a while so i might be bias on this one. Plase liet me know what u think.

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