First time scan

Hi…I just finished with my first scan with Nero CDSpeed and was wondering if you could give me your opinion on the results…are they OK? According to what I’ve read here they are decent, but not great…anything I can do to improve them (other than getting a better burner and better media?

Burner: BTC DVDRW IDE 16X A091
Media: TYG02 8X @8X

Thanks in advance!

95% out of a 100% isn’t bad, the main thing is how does the movie look when you play it ? if it’s ok then I wouldn’t worry about it as different burners will all give you different readings on cdspeed

Not bad for the first timer of DVD Burning and Scaning.

Looks very good - I didn’t realize that BTC drives could scan, but I see that they’re Mediatek-based drives so they appear to scan similarly to a Liteon. BTC drives aren’t great, but they should handle most good media ok I would think. It looks like it does a good job with TYG02 anyway, as do almost all newer drives. Other good media with good compatibility would be Verbatim.

Thanks Scoobiedoobie…where did you see that the BTC was Mediatek-based?? I couldn’t find that info even in the internet…

Do you know if this drives can be cross-flashed to something else?

Thanks again.

BTC drive list - You can check the chipset used in different drives here. I don’t believe that the BTC drives can really be crossflashed to anything of better performance, not a Liteon certainly. Just that they share a common chipset manufacturer (as does Samsung for example). BTC drives don’t have a good reputation but as I said, they’ll probably do fine with most good media I would think, assuming the firmware properly supports it - and since your drive is a 16x burner, I’d think that it would do ok with most good 8x and 16x media at least.