First time i have come accross this i need help

To be honest this is the first time i have come across this and not quite sure how to go about copying it over (i own the original of course :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Anyway its a movie thats recorded on both sides of the disc , ie plays one half the movie the ya have to flip it over to play the other side.

I use anydvd coupled with clonedvd2 , what would be the best solution to turn this double sided disk into one dvd5 disk.

ummm , as you can see long time lurker and supporter but first time poster so take it easy on me i am fragile. :smiley:

Never mind i figured it out , yaaaaaa for me :bow:

Can you post the solution? I’m sure that also other people are interested :wink:

Also, what is name of movie

I know one way is to rip to separate folders and then combine the titles into one dvd. DVD2One will do this and I use it for this purpose.

Yup no probs , My mistake and i should have posted how i did it. Well it was in fact a guide from FutureProof i ended up coming across on here.

Click Here

This worked a treat and did what i needed.

And as for the movie , ummmmmmmmmm ok here we go don’t go bagging me over this one.

Starship Troupers

*hangs head and hides as everybody laughs

Also i have just upgraded my system including putting in a LITE-ON DVDRW LH-18A1H , I have to admit i quite like this drive and the light scribe feature. I know you can get printable media and have nice looking pretty discs after you print to them but i quite like the look of disc’s after being light scribed. I dunno call me old fashoned which probably goes with my age. :sad: