First time here-long story-need your help



hello everyone…this is my first time here, so please bare with me…i have a sony vaio pcv-lx700. it came with a crx140e cd-rw drive. it was pre-installed with windows me and an adaptec ez cd creator program for burning. now this is where my stupidity comes into to play. i reformatted with windows xp and do not know how to get the adaptec program back.i forgot to save it. i went to adaptecs website and of course they want $$$$$. sony was unable to help. i do have application recovery cd’s but nothing is labeled…they are all numbered so i do not know which application is adaptec and i don’t know if windows xp would allow me to use it if i could find it…i have several friends that said this site was great and i trust your replies…so if you tell me i can’t do anything about it and to spend the money on new software i will…thanks in advance for your help…bearcub


First off…Welcome to the Forum…
Second…this should be posted in the software forum…i’ll get someone to move it…
Third…I hope you find your software Its a pain in the neck when you reformat and your software is no where to be found…


I think the best (only) way is to go through each CD until you find it. You might as well write down what is on each one also, to save future problems.


thank you


If you have Adaptec version 4.x it will not be supported in XP. XP support was first added in Roxio’s version 5.1.


I dont think you can restore individual programs from the restore cd’s unless the original operating system is installed. Sometimes the programs are stored in self-extracting .cab files and they won’t extract unless all the files are used. I think i tried doing the same thing a long time ago so i feel your pain. You don’t have to buy new software because there are plenty of freeware programs that may do what you want. Read the sticky on Free downloads, or you could just try the free version of Deep Burner. It might just do everything you want.


first i would like to thank everybody…your advice was great. i will be back to hang out and learn from you very smart people. the “deep burner” program is great. once again thank you…


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