First time ever trying to copy my pc games



Okay, I have Red Alert 2 (both disks), and Yuri’s Revenge. I am trying to make copies of these so I have a backup in case anything ever happens, but I am not sure whats the best program to use, let alone whether I should be copying to dvd-r’s or cd-r’s. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.



Hi Hawk,

I’m not a gamer… but this is what I would do.

As for which program to use… I suggest using the “Clone” option of DVD FAb. This will make you perfect bit-for-bit copies… ideal for PS2.

Use qualifty DVDs and burn at a slow to medium speed. The slower speed will help reduce errors :wink:

Good Luck…:bigsmile:


As the original discs are cds not dvds you must use cds for your back-up copies.

The game discs you wish to copy are copy protected with safedisc 2; in fact, Red Alert 2 was the first game to use that particular copy protection.

See for further information on how to make back-up copies of your discs.



Thanks for the update… now I know too ! :o