First Time DVD copier problems

Hi all, I just got a DVD RW drive the other day, and tried to burn a copy of Collateral tonight. It went fine until I tried to play the movie, and it was completely pixillated and draggy! What gives?!

I used CloneDVD2 in combination with Anydvd

The burner is a LG GSA-4163B (according to AnyDVD).

I used a Verbatim DVD+R, 4.7Gb disc.

Is there some setting I didn’t set right, or am I using the wrong kind of disc? If so, where can I find a website that tells me what kind of disc to use with my burner?


Try 4X burn speed. Is the source DVD in good shape? Are all devices in the Primary and Secondary IDE channels running in DMA mode?

or try to do a movie only copy (you can preserve menus)

click copy dvd titles on the first screen (main movie will be selected automatically)

and on the second screen click preserve menus

I did a complete back up of it with no problems … most likely its the media your’e using

Take Furballi’s advice and try to burn at 4X, I believe when Clonedvd is installed it’s default is maximum, I wouldn’t recommend that setting.
If you need help regarding how to check your DMA settings, please advise and we’ll walk you through it.

Where did you try to play the burned DVD, in your stand alone player or your PC?

If it was on the stand alone, does your manual indicate it is capable of reading DVD+ media. If so, could be your stand alone doesn’t like Verbatim. Once you find a media that plays well, stick with it.

If it was on your PC, then I suspect it may be media related. Verbatim is good media but it’s possible your LG burner doesn’t like that media. Read your LG manual and see what media it works best with, try one of those if Verbatim is not listed.

I was having some trouble making DVD backups with my setup. The DVDs would skip very badly, but it would only happen to 1 out of 3 copies. The problem was fixed by setting the burn speed to 4X, even though I was sure that my setup would handle 8X.
16X Sony DVD RW
adequate computer

You might want to also try different media the best one i used were sonys and fuji film my memorex all skiped for some reason.

I backed up the entire DVD with menus and had no problems…Playback was fine 100% I would say it is probably bad media.