First Time Crossflashing

Hi guys, this is my first time doing crossflashing. Therefore, I need you all to guide me :slight_smile:

I am using LDW-401S and planning to crossflash to LDW-411S.

After reading some FAQS, I come out with this steps.

  1. Backup EEPROM
  2. Backup firmware (ES0E)
  3. Load FS0J.bin to omnipatcher, apply recommended media tweaks, enable crossflash and enable auto bitsettings
  4. Flash the bin using LtnFW
  5. If something wrong happen, restore EEPROM and firmware

Are those steps correct?

It appears that I cant backup my ES0E firmware using ltnFW.

I read it in some post I need to use mtkflash. I am using NTFS, so is that mean I wont be able to use mtkflash? What I should do to backup my firmware?

Lastly, besides able to burn dvd-r/rw, are there any increase in performance?

Any help is greatly appreciated

Welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

In terms of hardware you can go all the way to 811S, also gaining 8x burning. :bigsmile:
Check out codeguys crossflashing page.

Before proceding though make 2x backup of your eeprom (in case anything goes wrong) and save it on floppy/cd.

BTW, MtkFlash can run in dos enviroment although your filesistem is NTFS, don’t worry about that. Just make a bootable floppy or cd.

There’s a CrossFlash tab in the EEPROM Utility. I wouldn’t use LtnFW for this. Go for 811S/HS0R (although 8x is only for +R :wink: ), because media support in 411S will be even more limited.

You can do this for fun, but if you want to make good quality burns best get a newer generation drive. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I will try crossflashing now :slight_smile: