First time azureus user... need help

hi everbody. i downloaded azureus 2 days ago and that part seemed to go pretty well. i downloaded a file (torrent) which was a movie “black snake moan” and it took 24 hours to download 724mb. i have cable internet, not dial up. after it finally downloaded i was trying to see how i could view the file. i clicked on it and then it moved to the bottom section and started doing some more downloading or something. question are:

  1. how do i view the file that i just downloaded?
  2. how do i know if i downloaded a good file or not?
  3. how do i find out where the file is saved on my computer?

any help will be greatly appreaciated. thank you.

This is an illegal download, so you will get no help here :disagree:

Please, read again forum rules :wink: