First Time Alcohol User - Help

im using alcohol for the first time. i got it free off a disk, but had to register to get the full program… anyway, ive used virtualclonedrive in the past + was able to put a dvd in my pc + mount an image or something(i cant remember how i done it) to a virtual drive. i was then able to take the dvd out the computer, double click on the virtual drive where i mounted the image + watch the dvd as though it was in my computer… i really want to use this program so i can keep my original dvd’s SAFE + dont need to copy to hard drive or copy to disk… CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO DO THIS WITH ALCOHOL. i would REALLY appreciate some HELP with this…THANK YOU. i think im using alcohol52%/120%

Hi neil, i was not aware that we had Alcohol free on any discs in the UK at this time, Did you register it at our site ?

Could you Message me the details of the disc and your registration

For answers to your questions i suggest you check the FAQ section on our site.