First steps on Grand Canyon Skywalk



If you build it and charge to much they will not come.

The HUALAPAI INDIAN RESERVATION in Arizona built ths skywalk along with some rich person in Vagas and from what I read online it will cost you 50 dollars to get on the reservation and another 25 dollars per person to out on it for 15 min.

no way no way even in I had more money that I needed would I pay that much.

5 dollars a person maybe once but 75 no way.


It’s more fun at the Grand Canyon to climb over the guard rail, sneek out to the edge and take a look down. Cheaper than the SkyWalk unless ya fall :smiley:


Even cheaper if you fall at least for you but your family might have to pay for someone to pick up what is left of your.


$50 to have a look at something from something man-made and brand new, rather than look at the same thing but from something made by nature, tried & tested for millenia :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna point out USB & Windows98 :wink:
You had to pay for the priviledge of that too :wink:

I’d hate to be on that platform when it crashes :stuck_out_tongue: