First Steps Backing Up DVD Movie Needed...Just Got a Norwood (BenQ DW1650)



I need to back-up my niece’s DVD sequel to The Pirates of the Caribean so she doesn’t ruin the original on her trip home.

I just got a Norwood Internal from CUSA.
It’s a BenQ DW1650.
I don’t know what firmware it has.
How do I check that?

It didn’t include a blank DVD.
What media should I use with this drive?

It came with Nero OEM Suite.

I have DVD X Copy by 321 Studios that a friend gave me years ago.
It says to register online or to call to register to ACTIVATE the software.
It has an ID # and password #.
Is it not functional without activation?
I think that company is out of business.

I also have the following by 321 Studios:
DVD X Point
DVD X Maker
DVD X Show
DVD X Rescue

Thanks for any help.


If you want a quality copy in an easy to use package(s), download AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. Both have a 21 day trial period. Although they are intuitive, I’ve included a help page below.

I don’t know where you are but I understand there are places where you can purchase individual blank DVD media. Regardless, use Verbatim as they are highly regarded and available locally. If you go with a DL disc, definitely use Verbatim.

CD Speed can give you the firmware version and a lot more. You might want to get +R media and set the booktype to DVD-ROM.


DVD X Copy is outdated. You should follow jeff’s advice and I would like to add RipIt4Me does the same job as CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD combination. Although it’s not that comfortable as the two mentioned it’s free and works. Try them and decide which one you prefer.


I used RipIt4Me and DVD Decrypter to save and ISO to my HD.
I assume Decrypter will indicate if it’s a SL or DL ISO.

Should I buy -R or +R media?

Do I have to set a bit or change a book type to get the disc to play in stand-alone, portable or home DVD players?

When I made the ISO of The Pirates of the Caribean 2, Decrypter indicated it didn’t have a country code and stated the ISO may not work if I did NOT select a country code. I chose the U.S. code.

BTW, the window to choose a country code always wanted to be BEHIND the main Decrypter screen. It was a Bi7ch to get it to the front for a split second to click “OK” before the main Decrypter window jumped to the front of the screen. Cancelling and moving the main window to one side of my screen didn’t help. The Country Code Choice window ALWAYS opened in the center of the Main Decrypter window and imediately fell BEHIND it even though it was the ACTIVE window. Since it was the active window, I couldn’t drag the main Decrypter window or click anything. You would think hitting the <Return> key would have entered the choice of the Country Code window but it didn’t. I had to finagle bringing that window to the front with <Alt><Tab> with my cursor where I knew the “OK” button would be and quickly clicking before the main Decrypter window jumped to the front.

Your advice on media and getting a working back-up is greatly appreciated.

After I complete this project for my niece, I’d like to back-up some old TV series complete season sets I have to as few discs as possible.