First standalone DVD-Player to support DivX-Pro decompression

I just posted the article First standalone DVD-Player to support DivX-Pro decompression.

 The German IT-news service Golem reports about a new  standalone DVD-Player from Elta  that is capable of playing Videos which are compressed with DivX Pro. Unlike  most other...
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I’ll be the first to buy one - where is available (when as well?)

I’ll be the first to buy one - where is available (when as well?) elta 8883 MP4

It’s good to see another MPEG-4 player. Let’s get these mofo’s mainstream :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure I get it. I thought other set-top DVD players, including the Lite-On, already played back Divx files.

Sure the LiteOn is also able to play back DivX, but it lacks support for some of the features, DivX Pro and newer Xvid codecs offer

An austrian food-discounter sells a player on monday that is supposed to play ‘Divx-Pro’. There is hardly any information on their webpage (see but IMHO it could be the same player in a different case.

Forgive me, but there are still some gaps in my knowledge, obviously. Why wouldn’t a unit that reads Divx 5.x files be able to read Divx Pro 5.x files? I thought the “Pro” merely meant enhancements in the encoder that resulted in a higher quality video file, but that were still playable in any other Divx 5.x player. I understand about the Xvid thing, being a whole 'nother codec and all, but couldn’t Lite-On and the others add Xvid functionality by issuing a firmware upgrade?

From what I have found out (Google) at least the sigma chip is incompatible to QPEL and GMC.

First of all when talking about “DivX Pro” features they mean playing back encodings made with QPel (1/4 pixel) and GMC (General motion Compensation) and few others, this encoding features enabled in DivX only if you DivX Pro encoder and up to now all hardware DivX players refused to play back files with this features (well KiSS did something to play back GMC but with lose of quality). Aditionally the chipset used in new ELTA is Mediatek MT1389 .