First signs of NEC ND-2500 overclocked to ND-2510 (adds double layer writing)

I just posted the article First signs of NEC ND-2500 overclocked to ND-2510 (adds double layer writing).

Jaydee78 used our news submit to tell us that the first screenshots of a NEC-ND2500 at 2510 have been posted. The NEC ND-2510 will be the follow up of the NEC-ND2500 with double…

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It’s already been tested on dua layer media and works. There is a bug if the drive is not set as master but once set as primary or secondary master on the mainboard it works perfectly well. All it needs now is for Herrie to hack it to bitset and better write strategies on existing SL media. :wink: Test burns of dual layer media can be found here I have a feeling most drives should work OK with the firmware and write DL media fine. But only time will tell.

Who really wants DL Anyways: Double Storage, High Technolgy , Really Neat and… Five Dollars To Ten Dollars a Disc :frowning:
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But it’ll only be 5-10 bucks per disc for a while…6 months, maybe a year and it’ll dip sharply…

Reading the various posts it would appear at very least the firmware application has been fine in every case. Although it’s been noted that the drive must be a “Primary Master” or “Secondary Master” to avoid a drive opening routine during PC bootup. :slight_smile:

Acording to the same chipset is possible that this firmware will works also with pioneer 107D, won’t it ?

Although the chipsets are the same, the rest of the drive’s hardware seems to differ. So you can’t apply the NEC firmware to a Pioneer and vice versa.

Ae you sure ? I hope someone will hack temporary firmware for 107D and make it able to burn on DL, is it possible ?

No it wont happen, the drives have different CPUs - it aint that a simple process.

I can’t believe this. The technology is new and not proven, even with proper hardware and media there is no indication of how long the media will last without errors, and now you guys seem happy modding hardware not built for this process and saying the media will drop in price in 6 months - by then proper drives will drop in price or people will avoid them like the plague as expensive media starts presenting large amounts of errors.