First screenshots of WinOnCD 6 released - Good old times

I just posted the article First screenshots of WinOnCD 6 released - Good old times.

The burning software package WinOnCD seems to be back. This time they should have called one version WinOnDVD as this new version is focussed on the DVD format. WinOnCD will be available in two…

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great news. winoncd has always been the most user friendly burning software available

I’m glad that winoncd has released a new version. It was the best audio->cd software that as available at the time (yes even better than feurio). And it was user friendly. Yeehaw! :7

I don`t like this Software at all. It came bundled with my first Burner (TEAC CD-R 55S). After a few days i Switched to Nero. (The Newer versions might be better so give it a try) ViRuZ