First screenshots of Lindows

I just posted the article First screenshots of Lindows.

It seams that the first screenies of Lindows has arrived. Check em out here and here.

If Lindows works as well as it looks, then Microsoft is pretty much Fu**ed. Well atleast they still have…

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Linux should stick to improving the strengths of linux rather than trying to make itself into a free windows clone. People that want to use windows and MS applications are simply going to use the PC they bought that came preloaded with windows and office. They aren’t going to format their drive, embark on the painful task of trying to install linux and then trying to run lindows so they can run windows apps. The core of MS’ business is the OEMs. This has absolutely no impact on Microsoft’s business. If anything, this is going to sell a few more copies of office.

OS/2 did this, too…and it was easier to install than Linux and had a big company behind it. All it did was help Windows and help Microsoft sell more software, while killing OS/2 in the process. I don’t think Lindows will kill Linux, but it won’t help it. Trying to emulate Windows is a bad idea – Windows isn’t a static entity. It keeps moving, and if you’re constantly trying to copy Windows then you’ll always be behind.

Another thing… Windows is more than just a visual experience. The components of Windows are tied together strategically, based on user interface research, examining work habits, etc. This is not being copied with Lindows or with any other Linux Windows lookalike attempts. You are not building an easy-to-use system, you’re building a confusing one.

Used to be: Dos ain’t done until Lotus don’t run. Lookout Lindows! I smell a GPF comin’ your way. Linux should stand on it’s own. Maybe AOL will funnel some cash it’s way when they buy Red Hat. Even if they only used the money they spend on those damn cd mailings. :r

A lot of negativity out there on this one… Personally, I’m pee’d off with BG and his great Windows roadshow. It’s taken his company a lot of years to produce something as stable as Win XP for the everyday user and so what if competition comes along and has a pop at him. The installation time to load something like Lindows is irrelevant really when you consider £130 and £200 for the full XP versions. OK it may not work long term but give these guys credit for at least having a go. Or are we all guilty of fitting into everyone else’s mode of just accepting what’s popular(ish!!!) or well marketed. :8

Just a point of fact in case any youngsters think OS/2 and Windows fought some mighty battle for OS dominance. Microsoft developed OS/2 for IBM while at the same time writing Windows95, they controlled both and chose to push the product that provided them the most profits. MS sacrificed stability in Windows to make it more appealing to the mass markets. Maybe that is what Lindows needs to do as well. :d

I think the idea of Lindows is the right step for the corporate setting. Since the price is $99.00 USD for a single copy and they allow you to install it on as many as 25 systems, this will cut the need for getting a huge site license for PCs. AND, if it has the ability to run MS software, more power to them. Don’t a lot of people out there run some type of MS emulator on Linux so they can use Outlook? The OS isn’t meant to run games - currently, but I think this is a step in the right direction for companies and single users that want a choice.

The price is not everything. I can not imaging that this company can create a stable (!) working os from the first time, thats not only 98% windows allike but is also compatible with all the (non)ms gadgets. Ms their software is pretty superior if you ask me, escpeccially theire XP. Never seen such stable os that is compatible with almost everything (I said almost) I’m not complaining about their latest windows this time. So maybe lindows will become an answer for workstations (cheaper then windows) who use a fixed set of programs. but I really DOUBT that it can replace XP just like that on my home computer. maybe thats not their intention (replacing windows) but hey, when I see an os with this gui ? its almost obvious their trying to beat something…:slight_smile: I’m looking forward to some test results

Just use Linux with Wine… It’s free and way much better…

Let’s see how fast MS tries to sue Lindows for making their OS looks like a lot like Windows…

Well regarding the negativity about Lindows; I’ve been around the block. Lately MS seems to me to be falling into a rut that has been seen before. I’m speaking about registering and unlocking XP. Way back in about ‘87 Berkley Softworks was just as protective. I remember a 5.25" installation disk with a question that was very tricky and when answered wrong it would write it’self as finalized and unusable. MS is on the edge of this. Regarding MS doing research, they themselves are watching Unix and Linux closer than anyone. Two years ago I pulled a MS flyer from my P.O. Box and it actually made a statement comparing its security to Unix. What a statement. As far as copying looks, don’t you remember Apple suing MS over this very look and loosing? It’s not MS’s look. Apples had it years before along with Berkley Softworks’ Geos. As far as being viable; just return your thinking to MS’s struggles. I don’t believe they have released anything yet that didn’t have patches waiting in customer service by the time it hit the shelves. If you look at the price difference between MS I believe that as soon as Linux puts out an installer as comprehensive as Windows a snow ball will begin to roll. First those familiar with Linux will go and you know who they are. They are those who get asked for advice by those who we ask advice from. Suddenly a trickle down effect will happen. Some one will ask these Guru’s a question about say ‘XP-3’ and the Guru will just say, "Huh? I left that junk all together and now I just run Linux. The listener will see it running and follow suit and the trickle down will be under way. I’m waiting I admit, but when they have the full featured fully capible installer I’m gone!

I myself hate the concept of “Lindows”… “Hey, let’s take a free opensource program (Wine), and add parts of windows, and sell it for a lot more than it’s worth” :wink: Isn’t that what it is? I mean, it is based on Wine, yes? And Wine requires windows dll’s and other parts to run, right? So… I’m just wondering, where those windows components are coming from? The average user won’t be able to set it up correctly to use his windows directory, or copy the necessary files off his/her windows cd, and they can’t be supplied with “lindows”… I smell something… :wink: (if nothing more than a lawsuit;) I prefer my windows and linux on their own partitions…

every time I read something like that “”" wa’da f**k is that???

And will they ask for Lindows? ?$? Not that it matters to me, but I’m asking for those who want to buy it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I am one of those people that are willing to buy it. I work in the corporate environment and 98% of my PC, the IT department hates. I run W2K and that is not the corporate standard. But I do production work and win2k is much more stable than 9x or NT. Yes, I could throw them a wrench and run Linux and then install WINE on top of that and then place a request for more ram cause I am developing in both Linux and Windows. Yeah, I am one of the people that has paid the $99.00 for the software. No activation, install it on a bunch of my PCs and yes, I can install my Office XP CD and it installs just fine. Of course, there are a few bugs in the OS, but hasn’t every OS from MS had bugs as well? XP is the most stable offering from MS to date. I do agree on that. But look at the price of it. And if you want to install it on 2 different PCs, go buy 2 copies. I have installed Lindows on 5 different configurations so far and it still only cost me the intial 99 bucks. And 70 percent of the users in the corporate environment never change anything on their PC, heck, they still call wallpaper a nice screensaver. Do you have any idea how much a corporate site license cost these days from MS? More than some of you make in a few months. And I’m sure that if Lindows gets rave reviews, a lot of you that are complaining about it may find a copy somewhere and install it. You may end up liking it. You may switch to it all together. Oh yeah, a lot of the DLLs needed for windows-based programs to run on Linux/Unix can be downloaded from many a developers web sites. Source code for windows is a different thing.

you know, sure, im not so sure that it will be a M$/*nix replacement. but the geeky me wants to give it a whirl and see what it can do. so yeah, i will try it. …hope fully it will like my radeon 64… :4

As a long term frustrated windoze user (and security-concerned dsl user) who’s just started dabbling a toe in the *nix waters out of desperation, I’d jump at the chance of a change of OS, while still keeping my familiar apps. Let’s hope it lives up to expectations. And pweeese… can we have full game support :wink: Good on ya!