First Screen

Just wondering. I want to make a dvd back-up for my sister which doesnt live in the same state as me. I wanted to make like a start screen that says something like “love you, miss you, etc…”

problem is what can i use to do this? any help will be appreciated.


A lot of farting around with Authoring progs will do it.

Easiest would be get a wide felt tip pen and actualy write it on the DVDR.


Do you say things like that to your sister - ‘love you, miss you…’?
If I said it to mine, I’d soon be carrying my teeth in my hat. :bigsmile:

Joking apart, be wary of things like this because, like jokes, they don’t stand a lot of repetition.


i see that LOL…

think i am just going to go the real easy way.

pen and a post-it…