First scientific proof that 16x dyes are not aging as well as 8x and 4x?



The first so called “limited climatic tests” that I know from
made on burned DVD’s have been published by the german c’t’ magazine
and summarized in a post by “MediumRare” dated from june the 27th 2005 is in this thread::

I think that the first scientific proof that the new “16x certified” dyes are:

  • less tolerant to laser power and
  • less stable for conservation than the older 8x an 4x dyes
    is given in these quite extensive tests
    if you follow the + mentions for:
    “PowM” (power margin) and
    “Stab” (climatic stability)

    in the above mentioned post by “MediumRare”


Calling this “scientific proof” is a bit of a stretch, even if you do make it in bold and colors.
CT has generally been controversial in it’s “tests” and conclusions, but for the most part they are telling us what we already know, or just re-stating what some would consider common sense.

Personally, I have better things to do than wade through pages of boring information just to hear that high speed media is finicky stuff. :doh:


So the rest of the humanity who basically said the same thing are not scientific according to franz99. When will this stop?


Thanks for your opinions …

I was just thinking that a control of the quality burning with the “Almedio AEC-100” made before and after a “climatic” test was something interesting.
I like numbers because they are (for me at least) a lot more easy to discuss

BTW did somebody here ever read a issue of c’t magazine ?


Many here read C’t (especially because there are quite many Germans on CDFreaks forums including the German-language forum which has been here for years.)


I have read this before, stated by a rep. for a media testing company. Thanks for the additional confirmation.

In any case, after a few more years we will have some definitive results: