First scans

Just posted two scans in Lite-On LH-20A1P - Post your scans here and Mitsubishi Chemicals DVD+R to which tropic responded with:

thanks tropic for the comments and for the gentle reminder :o

I’ve averaged around 52,294 PIE and 318 PIF totals across 6 scans with same burner/firmware/media/speed, with the exception of a single 12x test.

I’m aiming to safely archive my whole CD collection as FLAC rips, so I’d like a warm fuzzy feeleing about my burns.

Is there much I can do to improve these figures, or should I be happy with them as they stand?


Hi Roland, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

Your scans look fine.

In order to keep the warm fuzzy feeling, I suggest you backup your FLAC rips to at least two different types of discs, e.g. Verbatim 16x DVD+R and one other brand or type such as e.g. Taiyo Yuden, HP, Maxell, Sony media or Verbatim 16x DVD-R.

Doing that will minimize the risk of losing your files due to a bad batch of DVDs.

Burns look good mate, but do as Dragemester says and also back up onto a second media, different brand like he mentions to minimize risks if something somehow goes wrong.

Thanks for comments, guys.

My current archiving strategy is to burn FLACs and PAR2’s of the FLACs onto DVD+R and burn a copy of the PAR2s to CDR.

I’m going to scan the first 5 or so blanks from each batch I buy, then rescan them at 6mo intervals. That should aleviate the paranoia for a while.

The FLACs themselves I’m keeping on hard disk anyway for pumping outa my SqueezeBox :cool: but if things look bad at any point I’ll reburn.


That’s better than simply burning a DVD without additional protection, but it’s not as safe as burning two copies - the whole DVD could become unreadable and then your PAR2 files won’t help.

The level of safety you need is up to you to decide.

I started archiving my CD collection to DVD, too. I didn’t put a lot of thought into it at first, but here’s what developed after a few backups:

I rip a CD to WAV + CUE combination with Exact Audio Copy (corrected read offset) and then compress it into a self-extracting multi-volume RAR archive (25MB volumes + recovery info). When I have enough RARs to justify burning a DVD, I record them to two different DVD media stored in different locations. I tend to use MCC-004 for one copy and T02 or MAXELL-002 for the other.

This isn’t an elegant or complex solution, but it works for me. I don’t get quite the compression that FLAC offers, but my archive is self-extracting, lossless and in a pretty universal format (16-bit signed stereo PCM). When the archive self-extracts, it checks the contents’ CRC… and any damaged volumes in the series can be copied over from the backup disc if needed.

Anyone have a better way to backup their CDs? I’d love to hear alternatives.

Or with HDDs cheap as chips bung them on one of them as well :slight_smile:

.flac is lossless and you save another 20-30% of space compared to .wav :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up; I guess I wasn’t very clear. I meant the compression offered by the archiver (WinRAR) Vs. FLAC’s compression. On best compression, WinRAR 3.70 gives me about a 25% reduction in file size from the original WAV.

The lossless audio compression algorithms used by FLAC/APE/etc have better compression than the more general algorithm used by RAR, also they have the ability to be played directly without decompression of the compressed file.