First scan with US0N - Bad firmware or bad media?

I just update to USN0 and used a DVD+R media (cheap) with media type POMSA0010R called BLUEMEDIA.
The results are horrible!!!
I booktyped to DVD-ROM (so it can be read from my standalone DVD player) as i have done with my previous burnt medias,but no success in reading it.
Has anyone seen this media type before?
Is this result caused from USN0 or media?
Setting booktype affects the Kprobe results?

Waiting for your help

I’m posting my test results with medias bought here in Greece until my order arrives from some accurate stores from Germany according to a previous thread:

Cheers forum!!!

I guess some stores here in Greece dont know what and how much do they sell!!!

this media is not included on the burner fw. burn on 2.4x speed.
the resuld sold be better.

Bad media probably but you can also try:

  1. Update Nero

  2. Use killASPI and make sure you have 4.6 installed

  3. Update your chipset drivers (Control panel >> System >> Device man)


Crappy Media? Don’t think so…

crappy media indeed, who knows what you;'re going to get, one like yours or one like the post above.

i dont want to trust such discs even with the possibility that you might get a good scan with it.
i think its a wate of money.

i totally agree.