First scan, how is it?

Hi all, new to all this quality burning etc.

I just bought a 100pack TY DVD-R’s (Media Code GG000077 so should be the real deal) and I just made my first burn and quality check with Nero CD/DVD speed.

I have no idea where to look at, and what’s important in a scan like this. Just wanted a guide line to see where to aim at.

The Burn was done at 8x, the test at 4x.


edit: Eek, just noticed it’s in Dutch, I hope you guys can figure it out anyway, most words are kinda like the same :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks very good, nice scan, the best way to find out about scans is to compare them with others on this forum.

One little tip. When you post your images you dont have to use imageshack. Instead just upload them to cdfreaks, when you post in the forum click the ‘manage attatchments’ button and add the images. This way the images will last for a long time on the forum without expiring.

Aye, thx for the info and the tip :slight_smile:

Hmm… On 2nd DVD:
Max PIF on 8x 13 (Quality 51-ish)
Max PIF on 4x 2 (Quality 89)

DVD was burned on 8x, so would the 8x test or 4x be more reliable?

Scanning speed is not related to burning speed, but on the burner used to do scans.

You should do scannings @4x with your Sony drive.

Anyway, can you please post images instead of values? They are more informative

Thanks for any scan you want to post :slight_smile:

Anyway, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


The test at 8x was done first, after that I immediately did the test at 4x. Which stats should I look at with a closer eye?

The more reliable with your hardware is the 4x scan. You can see that there is a very big difference between the two scans. For Sony drives 4x is also the standard of the forum to do comparisons.

I must say you also that your scan is awesome! Only 99 PIF total :clap:

Hehe, thanks. I wouldn’t know if that’s low or not :stuck_out_tongue:

Just use the driver seen on the screenshots and TY’s like I mentioned before, gotta say; love ‘m. With me old philips DVD’s burning at 8x caused gaps in the movies, but with these TY’s I can burn at 8x (drivers’ max) and play it smooth aswell.

Just for curiosity: where you find these discs and what price?

Spindle of 100 for a mere 48 euros (!) @, dutch/belgium not quite sure. Ordered on Sunday, received today.

I was trying to find good media everywhere and couldn’t any anywhere (except for a store nearby, Maxell 25 euros for a spindle of 25, which is over my budget) then a friend gave me this site, and I gotta say, I was really surprised when I saw the price.

But like I said, I see the ‘GG00xxxx’ code on my discs, so they have to be real… right? :stuck_out_tongue:

For what I know they should be real. And 48 euro is a very low price for these media.

On other sites I find nothing for less than 70 euro for 100 discs.

I’ll do a tour on this site :wink:

Thanks for information :slight_smile:

And 1 more to close it off :slight_smile:

Another good scan :wink:

Hm one more, this time the PIF is kinda high, does that say anything? Or should I rather look at the smoothness of the Blue Graph on top?

Also, any ideas on how to check how long these discs can go by with, or maybe know it yourself? I can’t get anything done with the search function on this forum :doh: :o

Hm also funny to see the big difference in the graph between this last post and #5.

All boxes can contain a bad media; dvd media variabiliy is a real pain; CD hadn’t a so high variability. I wonder what will happen with blue-ray or HD media…

Media durability is also greatly variable. nobody can say how many time will require a disc to become unreadable. The more errors there are on scans, the shorter should be durability in time.

If you store correctly all your media in single jewel cases, avoiding direct sunlight exposure and avoiding dust and fingers on reading surface, then you can elong durability in time.

Until now there are people that have dvd burned 2-3 years ago and still readable. But nobody know how many time a disc can live.

Hm, so data you want to have with you for a long time should be backed up every year or so?

Also, my last test. Would that be considered frisbee/horrible/bad/normal/decent/good/terrific?

I much to learn have I now see :stuck_out_tongue:

no frisbee at all. It’s a good scan.

A yearly backup is a bit exaggerated. If your data are essential, you can do also in this way.

For a movie, the easyest way is to leave all discs properly stored, and when they start to give some little playback problems then redo the backup.

If you have time you can also do periodic scans. If errors become too high, then you can redo the backup. This method is better, but more time consuming (each scan require 15 min :wink: )

soygul, could you post a few readings of e.g with Nero?

welcome onboard =)

Last result, poor by the standards set by but no spikes out of spec - looks like PIF may have been about to kick badly if it had gone much further.

Any difference in what you did, handling, temperature etc. ?
Had that one stuck to another disk in the packaging ?

And definitely, long term storage requires reverifying and recopying at intervals, it’s educational to rescan the same disk later and compare the result, though some scan to scan deviation is normal, as the drive is not a precise measuring platform. More educational still, would be to compare regular scans of a “good” disk like a TY, and some bargain store media - especially if you can find cheap media that is a “good burn” at the time.

Nope, nothing was different, same package aswell.

Anyway, this next one is an ‘older’ DVD I burned (couple of months old). It’s a philips, but I don’t know if it’s real, and don’t really care aswell because I’m backing up my philips on my new bought TY anyway :wink:

Though, I would like to have an opinion on this one, it looks kinda weird. Graph looks utter crap in my eyes, but all blocks green :confused: . They are all on that same philips DVD I mentioned above.

Oh and ehm… What do you mean by some readings, I’m an utter noob :stuck_out_tongue:

Doublepost: Couldn’t edit the one before this one for some odd reason :rolleyes:

Anyway, another dvd. It looked kinda crap to me, is there anything to see on the benchmark?