First run on the TDK 882N burner

Just got mine today.

Firmware is version 2.35 (but is undated) according to Nero Infotool.

Did the 1st test run with a TDK 4x +R media (Ricoh) and tried using DVDinfoPro to set the booktype but no go. The NEC WinBookType utility does allow the burner to be set to DVDROM but I don’t have any DL media at the moment though. Nero 6…17 does have the booktype option on this burner.

The 882N was able to burn the 4x TDK media at 6x - swell. Like the 880N before it, in action the burner is very quiet.

And check the Kprobe scan (done on the 1280) below for the burn quality. Heheh, done at 8x speed though (4x is so sloooow) so just remember if anyone wants to do comparisons.

Got to get a few DL media over the weekend for testing soon.

here’s a nice clear pic of the label, courtesy of a fellow HWZ forummer (Stratix).

Thanks MacClipper!

Please dump the firmware and send it to TDB and Herrie :wink:

heheh, this is the retail firmware so no one’s under any NDA or “no release” policy this time unlike the previous furore over the old TDK 48@52x FE burner. I think you should be able to get the firmware sooner than you expect.


Is that a rebadged NEC dvd writer? if so which model?

NEC 2510A with TDK firmware and face plate, looks just like the 880N (NEC 2500A).

Don’t expect some of those stingy singaporean hardwarezone people to contribute firmware. They know how to take then give. I hope I can send it to you probably next week unless someone contribute early than me. Sorry, too busy recently on my work.

[Ignores uncalled for “holier than thou” trolling post]

Anyway, I think getting the firmware fast is no problem for you guys, you probably have it in your hands by now, I believe.

May be able to get some DL results up by tomorrow if my DL media comes in time tonight (courtesy of Sen). We are fortunate to have ample supplies of Mitsubishi and now Verbatim DL media altho’ they are still rather pricey.


Oh yes, please! I want this firmware, too (to see the strategy version numbers)! :slight_smile:

Well…cannot stomach the insult. I thought somebody said no release policy. Probably now try to save his own face or skin.

can you give me the firmware ?? THank you

my email :

I’ve received the firmware, thanks!

It is true that some from hardwarezone once refused to share a TDK 52x (Liteon LTR-52246S) firmware. I still have never received the version that they had… I would never sign an NDA for something as little as a firmware… What’s the point of having a firmware if it cannot be shared for others to play with?

Herrie and TDB should have this firmware and I will post the original version online a little later.

SO you can use that firmware if you have the 2510a, right?

Their attitude are when you dig at their ego then they will move.

Of course you can.
NEC 2510A = TDK 882N
Look at the FCC ID on the drive sticker. :wink:

You’ll have to flash in DOS if you want to use this firmware and your drive will then be detected as TDK 882N in windows.

Hmm, I had thought these are moderated forums for sharing news and info. Kind of kill joy to see unrelated trolling posts flourishing in a thread where there are a few mods participating. Oh well, let’s see how it goes.

anyway dhc014, to each his own. If one is to maintain a long term working relationship, sometimes, NDAs and non-release of beta firmwares incl other sensitive info, are part and parcel of the responsibilty and it doesn’t have to be written in black and white all the time.

Just got the DL media in my hands so gonna to try out later after clearing some tasks.

Well, I’m speaking the truth here. If they think tat NDAs and non release of beta firmwares are kind of violations of copyright or confidential info then don’t release it.
It boils down to the same point being selfish.

Look at those people buying the one day promotion TDK 12x DVD drive in singapore. Individuals are buying 5 or 6pcs and later selling the drives over the web at a higher price. What kind of mentality they have?? Those could not get it on the day are caused by those greedy culprits.

got my tdk 882N today… however packet writing doesn’t seem to work. you guys have the same problem there? i am using firmware 2.35