First results DVD2one v1.1.0



1- Can process all movie, including menus and extras…
2- Very fast (in my first test, 67 minutes to do all process)

1- No subtitles in main movie.
2- Does’t have an option to decide compression rate of extras.
3- Doesn’t have option to choose languages and subs ( the default value is that it choose all languages and NO subs).
4- Very poor quality when transcoding (when choosing “full disk” option). *

The poor quality in my first test may be to the following problems:
-When you choose the “full disk” option, all audios are copied.
-The transcoding of all extras and menus are done “evenly”(same compression to movie, extras, and menus).
The result of this is, that less space is available for the new transcoded video.
In addition, to compress an amount so large requires a better transcoding engine.


Title…Original…DVD95COPY(45% extras)…DVD2one



As you see, when using DVD2one, less space is given for the transcoded movie. In addition, this space is share with more languages ( in my test for the movie, 1 language was choose for DVD95COPY, but 2 languages where copied by DVD2one).

Unless options to choose how many languages, how many subs, and compression ratio of extras is available, is better to use other programs to do the 1:1 copy, specially if “full disk” is bigger than 5.0 GB…



Thank you for the great post :slight_smile:

waiting for the developers reply now


Thanks for your review Milkman , I agree this version 1.1 is not really useable at the moment…


Seems Instant Copy 7 is still far ahead of any competition. The only reason for using DVD2One og DVD95Copy would be the speed advantage, but I would rather go for control and quality.


dvd2one is still the undisputed KING if u

  • want only the movie
  • fast
  • v good quality; i cant find any diff between dvd2one and IC7 on my 51" toshiba HDTV


I have done the dvd the wall full copy dvd2one done a great job and it leave’s ic and dvd95copy far behind:p


I can only agree with Per and Muralin. I use DVD2One for speed and a good quality movie. On the rare occasions that I want more, I go for IC. It takes a bit of fiddling with, but you can drop titles, assign compression on a title by title basis, and it all works!

I don’t think that the 1:1 copying as currently implemented in DVD2One goes far enough for most people - especially the people on this forum. It’s fine for those who just want a copy - no questions asked - but this idea of applying the same compression factor to extras as to the main movie just seems plain wrong to me.

Moreover, on my own system I am getting a high number of crashes in ‘full disc’ mode. This contrasts with the ultra high reliability of the original version.



I have DVD2one and i have IC.
IC has so maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany bugs is so sloooooooooow!
Nothing can compare to DVD2one.
Copied ET and Grease now at 1:1, GREAT!!!
Outstanding quality, perfect speed, and not one off all the dvd’s i copied ( about 200 ) went wrong.
Copied three with IC, two went wrong and one was of a not so good quality.
Again, i swear by DVD20ne, great job guys!!



What bugs have you discovered in IC?


Hey, look here:- ‘many’, ‘slow’
I managed to write those two words with only two vowels…


Ok mi first full backup was a succes but now dvd20ne stops with no error message after3 min (dvd walking with Dinosaurs) so it was to early to cheer.


Stripping out unwanted audio like in the movie mode would be usefull. Instead iam using ifoedit and then the full disc mode.


I have Sony DRU-500A … ripped the whole disk with smartripper… the whole dvd… used this new and improved version…of dvd2one v1.1.0…“we were soldiers”… and a perfect disks came out…with subtitles extra features…and all…


yeah but is’nt that title DVD5? so you wasted your time , you could of just ripped it and burnt it back to disc with dvd decrypter anyway, or your prefered method for DVD5 titles. doh :wink:


The only problem I’m Still having with IC is that damn file size bug, and it’s more of a nuiscince than anything else. I Made a back up of my Copy of 8 Mile with IC and with the extras at 50% and the movie at 72% and the DTS gone bye bye they quality is really realy out standing. My Backup with DVD2One of only the movie is really good as well. Unles an option is given to choose streams and adjust the size of the extra the feature is not really anything I’d use I’ll stick with movie only and IC for the full jobs