First Radeon vs. Geforce 3 Titanium

I just posted the article First Radeon vs. Geforce 3 Titanium.

So here they are boy’s. Just look at them:

Used Driver version:

Radeon 8500 (4.13.7191)

Radeon 7500 (4.13.7184)

GeForce3: Detonator XP

Bench (German):

Quake 3…

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Always good to have some healthy competition to keep the market going!

What I want is a £300-400 Kyro 2 Card - now that would kick :slight_smile:

Radeon 8500 is awsome. Cheaper then GF3, better image quality and it is as fast as GF3 if not faster. It also has more features then GF3. That’s the card I’m gonna buy next.

Faster, Smarter, Cheaper and TWINVIEW

the rad 8500 really kicks ass. an AIW Radeon 8500 is what i want.

Don’t be stupid now boys. I’ve been bitten once and a lesson is to be learned. ATI drivers have widespread problems, and only now is ATI finally getting the original Radeon drivers to where they shud be. Compatibilities with newer games and also Windows 2000 performance have plagued the Radeon. The message here is, NOBODY makes drivers like Nvidia. If i were u, i’d hold off buying anything ATI until you’ve read the forums on to your liking. Yes people hve had incidents with Nvidia cards, but they are rarely able to replicate these errors/bugs on other platforms, and most are isolated. afa the mainstream goes, nvidia is the only company that is 100% reliable. Nvidia is truly a company that shudnt be hated. Yes, they are becoming a monopoly, but they are like the Valve Software of the Hardware industry, they will support an old product for years to come, making it better, to serve their customers as reward for the customers faith and gamble placed on their product. Personally, i wont care if the Geforce 3 Ti500 is pushing $50 more on the Radeon, the Nvidia card is a sure bet. ATI may be getting to where they want to be, but Nvidia has already crossed the finish line. Anyway, who cares, the Geforce 3 Ti200 shud provide good enough Frames Per Dollar we wont even need this debate. I currently own an ATI Radeon 64MB DDR VIVO, the latest drivers from ATI have finally made this card what i thought i was buying 5 months ago, but in a short while I’m sure ill find something that will demand more speed and require an upgrade.

I agree that ATI’s drivers suck, but there is always hope…

:+ That’s how it always have been - buy a new ATI card on the first release, you know you’re in for trouble BUT after a while they’ll keep it up and give you more than you asked for - AND contacting tech support in Ireland is always to great help! (I’ve had ATI cards since 1996 and it’s been the same show every time a new card hits the market…)