First quality test results on verbatim?

i have a pioneer dvd burner with verbatim 2.4x +r disc’s i have tried a quality scan for the first time can someone please give me some feedback on the results…thanks

Rescan your burn w/ BenQ or Lite-on burner. Your 112D is not a qualified scanner.

He has 111D not 112D :slight_smile:

Also , the MID shows as CMC MAG R01 :confused:

Verbatim 2.4x discs can be CMC MAG R01, can even be RICOHJPN R00 :wink:

so is this a good scan? i know there is a lot of errors in the pi but it says a 99% quality score and it plays fine…and is CMC MAG R01 bad discs?

I think you would need to scan that disc on a reliable scanner as “geekrule” stated.

I have a bunch of these DVD’s (Phillips Branded) and they are good discs. I wouldn’t burn them faster than 8x though without first testing them with a reliable scanner.

Do not bother with scanning in the pioneer. Please use transfer rate test with it and post the results.

how can i do a transfer rate test? thanks i figured it out and will post…