First purchase of dvd+r type disks and was wondering

i just got my first batch of dvd+r disks, i usually get -r but i heard my drive prefers +r. anyways i went to burn a iso image that burned to -r but not the +r. its saying size exceeds disk. the image size is 4.38 GB (4,704,538,624 bytes). im going to edit the image ever so slightly to remove a small size but was just wondering, when i do a clonedvd or nero recode will the new image be +r size compliant, or strictly -r

both types +/- should have the same capacity on the disk, which is 4,700,00,00 bytes. usually the manufacturers put some extra space on those disks of a few mb’s, this varies from disk to disk. if your writer is supporting it, try a simulation w/dao-overburn enabled.

-R type has 4,707,000,000 bytes of free space.
+R type has 4,700,000,000 bytes of free space.

Now you see the origin of your problem. I don’t think it is manufacturer dependent. I’ve never seen a disc reporting exceptional free space. Of course some DVDs may have additional spaces for “overburning” but for now, it is not such a reliable and popular method to use.

I burn data DVDs. In my experience there still are small wasted space probably due to the filesystem so you may see problem even when the added file size is below that limit. (It’s a rare event, unless you have 10,000 files to burn in one DVD. :slight_smile: )
But if you’re burning images… I think the above value is the exact limit. (Though I’ve never created an image to burn DVDs so I may be wrong.)

-R type has 4,707,000,000 bytes of free space.

hm, thats interesting. i don’t use +r’s very often because -r’s are usually cheaper. i always thought that everything above 4,700,000,000 actually is the extra space, but u could be right. i’ill surely pay more attention to my future +/- disks.


ok, you’re absolutly right, as everyone can see here

i never was aware of that. thx for this info :slight_smile:

im glad i see that its not me and that there is the ever so slightly small amount of space difference. thankx for the responses