First public beta of Exact Audio Copy



I just posted the article First public beta of Exact Audio Copy.

Source: EAC

  • The following changes are made from 0.9pb5 :

  • Many bug fixes (Plextor 40x Multisession (I hope it is gone), etc.)

  • Support for Sony (HP) writers

  • ToolTips help…

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They forgot a feature
quit easy to use


and they forgot another feature…
Easy to remove from you Hard-drive…


eh… Why are they so happy i mean what is so good about it man… there are enough burn or copie things…
aahhh what ever

Greetingz Woutiir


Check out to see why it’s the best.


why it is so good? simply because it’s the only windoze prog around that rips without errors … scratch a cd, rip with audiograbber and be amazed


EAC Rulez!


rip with audiograbber and be amazed ?? about the 1 kaziljon possible speed problems and other read errors ?? no way…
Exact Audio Copy rules it all !!


Hee Benny X,

Ben je ook EAC aan het aanprijzen. dekay wil trouwens zeggen dat audiograbber cd’s met krassen verkeerd ript (met tikken!) Hij is dus ook voorstander van EAC.


Beetje kracht bijzetten… misschien niet helemaal goed geformuleerd ?? Anyway… Nothing but the real thing EAC… Zie je weer in AGB, Sampoo…