First problem with my New Nec ND-4571A

Hi, i bought a Nec ND-4571A a month ago because i had too many burning error, it worked fine for a month (burned more then 50 CD et DVD) but this morning i have my first burning fail :doh:

I join the log if someone here can tell me if the Nec ND-4571A is responsable of the problem or no or what is the cause of this error ?

Thank’s :iagree:

Looks like you maybe trying to overburn & the CD-R/burner won’t do it.

[I]13:04:26 #7 Text 0 File DlgWaitCD.cpp, Line 270
Last possible write address on media: 368999 ( 82:01.74), real: [B]79:59.73[/B]
Last address to be written: 364960 ( [B]81:08.10[/B])[/I]

Also it’s reckoned best to burn audio CDs at 16x max to reduce jitter that’ll affect playback in many CD players.

Yes it was overburn, but it’s supposed to work with Nero no ? :confused:

About burning at 16x, i admit that since i have this new burner i burn audio CD at 40x , before i knew it was risky but i thought new burner can handle 40x for audio CD no ?

In fact maybe i burnerd too many CD one after another one ( 10 ) i waited 5 minutes and try again and it worked fine…

Overburning with Nero does work but it really depends on the burner & the media as to whether you’ll get success as some burners won’t do it & some media can’t be overburned.

Sure burners can handle speeds of 40x & higher but you introduce more jitter that can affect CD players so for the sake of a few minutes most here burn at 16x to reduce the chances of that.

It would appear that overheating was a contributory factor here & it always makes sense to give the burner a chance to cool down before the next burn. Might lengthen it’s life as well.

BTW the ND 457x are pretty crappy burners & not up to NECs usually standard. I very rarely use my 4570. The firmware support from NEC has been very poor & these burners will only burn a few DVD media well. I much prefer my Pioneer 111, Benq 1650 & Liteon 1635.