First pre-beta version of Winamp 5 available, alpha 1



I just posted the article First pre-beta version of Winamp 5 available, alpha 1.

Thanks to Mr. Belvedere we
know that the first pre-beta version of Nullsoft’s Winamp 5 is available
online at Major Geeks. Winamp version 5 combines Winamp version 2 and 3

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I would recommend people just run Winamp 2.95 which is a leak (it was never put on the website) as it is extremely stable (I run it for 8hrs/day and it hasn’t crashed all these weeks). It has built in support for Ogg Vorbis and AAC audio. Winamp 2.95 takes about 14megs of ram to play a album, Winamp 5 takes about 16megs and I don’t see any cosmetic changes or features added, in fact the version history of 5 doesn’t list anything. Perhaps Winamp 5 is 2.95 with it’s number changed?


Actally it seems to be (or based on) ver 2.92. Anyway if you check version under properties for winamp.exe that is what it shows… /KillerBOB


Winamp 5 has a larger download size than Winamp 2 & 3. Winamp 2 use to be ~2MB, Winamp 3 use to be ~3MB, but Winamp 5 is 4.23MB. Nearly every link to Winamp5 on Filemirrors gives ‘404 error’ or ‘file not found’. A few says ‘bandwidth exceeded on server’. It shows that people are still looking around a decent multimedia player :wink: Time to try Winamp 5 now…:X


Man I got scared, I thought I got abducted by aliens and missed version 4, and couldn’t account for lost time. j/k/


Best Jukebox/Player on the market to date that I have found is by FAR: MediaCenter - I looked around for AGES for a good jukebox before I found this and it just blows the rest WMP, RealOne, Winamp, etc out the water. If you wanna check it out go to: Try their v9.1 beta thou as it’s ALOT better than v9. Winamp 5 is gonna have it’s hands FULL tryin to beat it and I’ll be VERY impressed if it can, I somehow doubt it though.