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What is Gamejack and what does it do?

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Gamejack is an (almost) all-in-one solution to create properly working copies of your expensive game discs. Primarily PC games ofcourse :slight_smile:
Unlike some other programs, we put working copies, be it in image or disc-based form, as our main goal. And you can be sure, we’re not finished yet :wink:

is there a homepage for the program?
any screen shots?
any additional information?
a version available for download?

final question: what will this program add to the already excisting programs such as alcohol 120%, blindread/write and CCD?
why should i go for gamejack and not for eg. CCD?

never heard or read anything about gamejack.

Website is GameJack Website and there is a full functional time-limited trial version available for download. And ofcourse you can find a lot of information about GameJack there :slight_smile:
And about your final question: First of all diversity. Ofcourse I should say “we’re simply better”. :slight_smile: We’re doing a different approach, GameJack and the other Jack programs are meant to be mass-compatible, not to say dumb-user compatible :slight_smile:
We’re trying to cover as many different things as possible, that’s why we still head for emulation instead of e.g. Twinpeak. And ofcourse we’re working on a method of using a copy as similar as possible as an original disc. One picture says more than thousand words, just download GameJack and have a look at it :slight_smile:
GameJack is being under permanent development, so if you find something you don’t like, let us know, we’re always in for a good discussion. But please, comments like “you suck” don’t help anybody. Add some substance and you’re always welcome :slight_smile:

BTW, I’m not talking you into using it, and I won’t say use it because it’s better than CCD or any other program because of this and that. Try it out, and see if it fits your needs (In my opinion, we’re better in dumping games than CCD, not only because we can create working images of Securom 4.8x protected games, but also because GameJack works with more drives than CCD does, but that’s just my personal opinion). I’m here to give you a direct link to the developers and to support you if you encounter problems, have questions or want to discuss new features, additions, comments.

P.S. If you never heard or read anything about GameJack, it seems that you didn’t even read the news on cdfreaks! Shame on you for that :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Went to GameJack site read info. I don’t seem to understand what is different about this software from say Alcohol 120% or Blindwrite, if it is an emulation style backup?
The only difference I see from the info is the DVD burning allows multiple backups on the disk. Can you explain this as I am getting a DVD Burner shortly and would like to know more on DVD Burning with this software.

Guys lets not turn this thread into the longest in this forum by asking continuously different questions about the app.

This was just for getting acquainted with it, post new threads for new questions regarding the software … and put a nice/informative thread title while you’re at it :wink:

…and it is a very good program which I have been using for it’s spanning feature since last year

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P.S. If you never heard or read anything about GameJack, it seems that you didn’t even read the news on cdfreaks! Shame on you for that :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

im deeply shamed :rolleyes: