First Post - Nero question



This is my first post, new to the whole process of computer based DVD recording, and I am lost.

Recently I purchased Nero 8 Ultra because I wanted to accomplish two objectives:

  1. Copy 4 years worth of football DVD’s (recorded on my DVR and copied to disk using a standalone recorder) onto better quality DVD’s (TYs which I have bought) and
  2. Make a hard drive copy in the process in the event something happens to the disks.

I installed a Sony DVD RW DRU 840A as it got a good review here. It plays fine.

I have used both Nero Express and Nero Burning ROM with no success at all. It will “read” for hours and nothing happens. Quite honestly, I am sure which of these programs to use nor, for that matter, whether either will do what I am wanting to do.

I am so lost, I am not sure where to start with questions. Does either program do what I want ? Might there be something in my set - up ?

I am open to any and all suggestions, including a better software that accomplishes my objectives.

I do not believe copy protection is an issue as I have been able to make copies going from a standalone player to my standalone recorder.

Thought, suggestions, questions ???



Sounds as the source discs are not good to read or that DMA is not enabled.


Once you make sure DMA is enabled for the drive, try using DVDDecrypter in File mode to rip the disks to the hard drive. I know your dvds aren’t encrypted, but Decrypter is a robust ripping program. You can download it from (look under DVD Ripping).

If you want dvds that can be played by most software players, I’d rip in File mode. The other option is to rip as an ISO.

I very much prefer ImgBurn for burning dvd video. It is a free burning tool, and there are very good guides for using it.

This one specifically deals with burning dvd video in file format to a regular single layer disk:

Edit: Forgot to include the page to download ImgBurn itself:


Thank you both.

Gummigutta - I did turn out to be a DMA problem and the link you sent me guide through to the “fix.” Thanks again.

Kerry56 - Downloaded DVDDecrypter. You are right, it does leave files on the hard disk that Nero does not appear to. Have not burned using ImgBurn yet - will tonight. Quick question - I want to be able to save the DVD files to a storage hard disk in case something happens to the discs. Should I rename the files or drag them to a folder that has a meaning say (they are of football games) say - “USC 2007 1st Half” ? after each burn. Couldn’t find a way to name a different folder from inside DVDDecrypter ? Anything thoughts, ideads, advice ?

Also what is the best way to copy a DVD that has multiple titles ?

Thanks again


When you open DVDDecrypter the top window has a line that says Destination. Under that it says Please select a folder. If you hit the little folder icon at the end of that line, you can select a preexisting folder on your hard drive as your target, or you can make a new folder and name it whatever you want. That is how I make new folders as targets for the dvds. You can make that folder on any hard drive connected to your system.

If you want to rip a dvd with several titles, and want all of the titles included, rip normally. No additional work is necessary.

Selecting individual titles is possible in DVDDecrypter, but you have to use the third option for ripping, which is the IFO mode.

Once in IFO mode, on the right side of the top window, you will see a list VTS’s which are the video title sets. You can open them up to see the pgc’s (program chains).
In any case you can rip an individual VTS or pgc in this mode of Decrypter.


Thanks Kerry56 - It works like a charm and imgburn is terrific.

I did rip a DVD that ended up on my hard disk larger than the disk from which it came so I couldn’t copy it back to a blank single side. It only happened once and it was on a multi-titled disk. Is there a setting or something I am missing ?

I will go out today and get some double sided disks to see if that handles it.

With your permission, I can PM you with the results. Kinda hate to keep reviving a thread for a two-way conversation. Believe we are in the same state.

Thanks again.


[QUOTE=KatyTiger;2066503]I did rip a DVD that ended up on my hard disk larger than the disk from which it came so I couldn’t copy it back to a blank single side. It only happened once and it was on a multi-titled disk. Is there a setting or something I am missing ?[/QUOTE]In the Nero package there is a program called Nero Recode, that program will ‘shrink’ the DVD down to a single layer sized DVD.


Don’t know why you had the problem with size, unless you were going from a DVD -R to a DVD +R. DVD -R disks have a tiny bit more space.

Gummigutta’s suggestion of using Recode to reduce the size of the dvd is a good one though, since you probably only need a negligible amount of compression. You could also use DVDShrink, which is available at the mrbass site.

If you are going to buy dual layer disks, I suggest only buying Verbatim +R DL. They are the only reliable dual layer disks on the market, and you should also check to see where they are made. The Verbatim DL made in Singapore seem to be more consistent than the ones made in India.


Both DVDShrink & Nero Recode did the trick and didn’t have to go to a DL disk and I thank you.

2 questions

  1. I want to “edit out” commercials and wasted space at the end of a DVD where I would do a copy before I went to bed and the DVD recorded all the end stuff when it was done rcording game - DVR menu, DVD player logo, etc. Is there a way to "edit or “cut” that stuff out so at the end of the day it doesn’t show up and I can reduce the size of that DVD file ?

  2. Assuming there is, can I use DVDShrink or Recode to compress a DVD that is already less than 4.7 so that I can get two halves of a game on one DVD ? Presently, I have each half on seperate DVDs.

Thanks in advance.


If the only cut you want to make is at the end of the movie, you can use DVDShrink in ReAuthor mode to remove it. You’ll need to use the Start/End Frame tool. You will want to read some guides using this tool. There are DVDShrink guides here at CDFreaks: and at and at

If you want to cut all commercials out, I’d recommend a program called VideoReDo TV Suite. It is not a free program however.

For your second question, it is possible to combine titles from two different dvds into one using DVDShrink. Look at this guide:
There are other ways of doing this, but Shrink is a free tool, and many of the other processes I know use commercial programs.


Kerry56 -

Looked at the pertinent guide - The One DVD Drive and Hard-drive Files Method.

Think I understand the mechanics and procedure- Use Re-author to rip first title to hard drive and the using drag & drop (still using Re-author) drag the title from the 2nd DVD to the re-author window. My question is, if the the sum of both Titles exceeds 4.7, how to I determine the method for compression - ratio, automatic, etc ? Man, I hope that question makes sense !


I’d try it at automatic first, and see if the result is acceptable. If you are trying to compress two full dvds, say 4.3gb each, onto one single layer dvdr, then the output from Shrink may not be very good. Shrink is a transcoder, and while it is a fairly good one, transcoders don’t work that well for large amounts of compression.

As an alternative, you might combine them with no compression, which will leave you with a fairly large dvd (ignore the warning that it won’t fit onto a dvdr). Then reencode it to fit onto a dvdr using the free version of DVDRebuilder. It comes with a very good quality mpeg encoder called HC, and will undoubtedly produce a better video on projects that call for large amounts of compresssion. Download the DVDRebuilder Installer on [B]this page[/B]