First Post, Lots of Q's

So this is my first post on this fabulous forum, and i have a couple simple questions, and one troubleshooting inquiry :iagree:

Firstly i’m fairly new new to burning dvd’s (completely new actually:bigsmile:), and i was wondering what the brand of blank dvd is hands down the best and will provide the longest life for my dvd’s. Also if there is any benefit to dual layer disks as opposed to single layer, other than the obvious larger run length it makes possible. I’m planning to buy a 100pk or maybe more at a time so i really want to not get burned by crappy discs.

Secondly , I was wondering about the general factors in the burning process of a dvd that effect quality the most, like write speed , features added onto the dvd etc. , nothing to particular here, just giving me some nice tips to get the best quality in a dvd movie would be nice.

Now for the troubleshooting.
I just got done burning my first dvd using DVD Flick and a blank maxell DVD-R , but something went terribly , horrribly , undeniably wrong :a
For some reason or another when i tested it on my dvd player, i came to find out the audio and video , were completely outta sync:sad: The video starts right away, and the picture quality is beautiful, but its completely silent for the first min or so of the movie, then when the audio finally kicks in, its all misplaced and doesn’t comply with the scenes(i will be watching people talk, and it will be in a different place entirely on the audio track. If you could help me understand what might have caused this, and how it could (if at all possible be fixed) , that would make my night. I know you can’t normally fix dvd-r once its already written, but if there is a program that might correct audio/video issues of this kind, i would be forever grateful. Oh yeah, the movie file was completely perfect when played on my computer, and before it was recorded onto the dvd, so it was def something in the burning process that fudged it up.

Welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

The two most reliable brands of blank CD/DVD media are Verbatim (found in retail shops and online) and Taiyo Yuden (found almost exclusively online).

For DVD+R Double Layer discs only Verbatim is recommended.

The quality of the result can be divided into two parts:

  1. The quality of the content. This is determined by your source material, the programs used to encode and author your video, how much compression you use etc.

  2. The quality or readability of the disc. This is determined by the quality of the blank media, the quality of the DVD burner, the compatibility between burner and media, the burn speed used, whether the media is clean, whether the laser pickup is clean, whether the drive is too hot, and sometimes other factors such as power supply.

If you use good DVD media with good burners at reasonable burning speeds (usually somewhere between 6x and 12x is safest) and don’t burn too many DVDs in a row without letting the drive cool down, and you make sure there are no finger prints, dirt or dust on the discs before burning, then you will have a good result.

Wow! Seems like there are many factors to be considered in the burning process, but also understandable as to how they would affect the quality. I’ll be sure to keep those various considerations in mind when burning my discs.

Been looking around online, and found a pretty good deal on those Taiyo Yudens you mentioned , so i think i’ll go with them.

Thanks for all the info!

Hey guys, I figure this post doesn’t warrant the creation of another thread, but I was gonna order these dvd-r ,now i’m having second thoughts They are Taiyo Yuden, but “value line”. Why so much cheaper than reg Taiyo dvd-r, maybe they are less reliable? if someone could please enlighten me I would be grateful lol

Here is the non-value line, nine dollars more. Same company, same quantity, but more expensive. Really has me baffled I must admit.