First POST : Is this scan good ? Will this be reliable

Its on Ritex G05…burnt with Pioneer 108…IS this scan good will it be reliable ??
I have tested on my Liteon reader with same results :

It looks like a below-average burn, but it’s not easy to tell from a quality scan on a DVD-ROM. Lite-On DVD-ROMs report more errors than there really are.

If the data is important, consider making another copy, otherwise, I guess it’s readable for now…

Hi anony, welcome to cd freaks

In future when saving the image of quality scans in nero click the floppy disk icon in the top right of the window and save it as a .png

I only say this because png will result in a smaller file than jpg and is much much better quality.

Then you can upload the images to cdfreaks using the “manage attachments” button.

The scan isnt probably isnt bad enough to affect the data now but it might do a few months down the line. I agree with agent009 that you should consider making a backup copy.

Hope i helped.

Well, RitekG05s have quality problems and at least some report their RitekG05s DOA after 1 year.

The burn right now isn’t good: PIE is high, and in my book not acceptable (although it could be readable now), PIF is too high, even for a RitekG05…I’d say switch to a far more reliable media like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim, because if all your RitekG05 scans look like that one, you’ll have to be re-burning all of them. My bet with results like that, that in 6 months they probably won’t be readable.

One important item. I noticed that you scanned at maximum speed. Rescan at 5x and see what it looks like. Your quality should improve, but with RITEK, you still won’t have a very long life. If you want long life, stick with Taiyo Yuden, or Verbatim 16x media.

It’s actually a pretty good scan for max speed on a 165. But it can only be compared to other scans on the same drive, so who knows how it might compare to other posted scans. I agree with others here though, Ritek media is a crap shoot.

no probs thanks guys,this DVD goes in the bin :frowning: