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This is my first post on a new keyboard hooked to a virgin computer (see below) getting its first workout. It’s multi-purpose, dual-booted with a DAW (digital audio workstation) on an isolated boot partition. The other thing it is built for is video.

As you can imagine I have a huge laundry list of questions. I’ve done lots of research of copying software - thanks BTW to DR Who for his post. I’ve been loitering as well over at SlySoft and returned with:

  1. AnyDVD and
  2. CloneDVD

My first dilemma and first question is this. I’ve found lots of things (e.g. DVD Shrink) that do a good job of compression. What I most want to do is backup irreplaceable DVDs I own (weird operas, sports stuff - things I cannot ever get again) bit for bit without loosing any of the A/V fidelity or any of the menuing capability, et cetera.

Whats the best burner software for clipping a DVD-9 original into two perfect DVD-5 targets that are indistinguishable from their source?

Sorry, forgot to include something. The only reviews I could find which evaluate the quality of the copy are this one and this other one. Unfortunately neither review differentiates between [I]compressed[/I] and [I]uncompressed[/I] copies and second, I have no idea about the voracity of the reviews and their respective opinions do differ.

Bear in mind that my primary goal is to create [I]uncompressed[/I] backups, preserving the fidelity of the source.

The best way to make backup copies of a video DVD is to make a 1:1 copy of the original with no compression, so DVD Shrink is not an option for you.

I suggest to use AnyDVD with ImgBurn in read mode to rip the original disc as ISO file, and then burn the ISO on another disc. In this way both discs will be identical and there will be no quality loss in the backup.

To do it the way geno suggests, you may have to burn to dual layer disks. If you do so, only use Verbatim brand DL disks, as they are they only ones reliable enough for us to recommend.

It is possible to split a dvd into two parts using DVDShrink in ReAuthor mode using the Start Frame/ End Frame tool, but you will lose extras and menus this way. You’ll get no loss of quality with this process if you choose No Compression.

Probably easier to split a dvd with DVDFab or DVDRemake, but I’ll let someone more familiar with those programs chip in.

I believe your best bet is to do as geno suggested and make true 1:1 bkups. As Kerry said, you’ll need to use Verbatim +R DL media.
Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the time and trouble to split. In addition, I don’t believe you’re going to be as happy with the final product(s) if you attempt to split the disc.

If you already have Anydvd, the method geno described will work just fine.
If you prefer freeware, use Dvdfab hd decrypter and Img.
For 1-click ease, you can use Fab platinum…my personal favorite, but I also have Anydvd and it’s a great product.

If you decide to purchase software, I’d stick with Fab or Slysoft.

[B]geno[/B], [B]Kerry[/B] and [B]maineman[/B], thanks for your time and trouble. [B]geno[/B], you use [B]ImgBurn[/B] both for reading the ISO to a folder on your drive and again to burn that ISO to disk?

Forgive my ignorance, but using dual layer media commits me to the purchase of a dual layer DVD burner, does it not? And to follow up - is there a manufacturer whose dual layer burners are far and away the best built? For over [I]ten[/I] years I’ve been a [B]Plextor[/B] freak, but three years back I was convinced by the people who built my computer to go with a SONY DVD RW DW-U14A. It’s been OK but seems to have a distinct affinity for TDK DVD-R media.

Sorry for [I]topic-wandering[/I] but I just succeeded (an hour ago) with [B]AnyDVD[/B] and [B]CloneDVD2[/B]. Messing with the settings on CloneDVD2 I was able to preserve chapters and menus on the second as well as first DVD-5 target disk. Thankfully. the quality is fantastic. The video is gorgeous and the audio is indiscernible from my DVD-9 source: a 5.1 Dolby Digital stream.

But you know what? I’m lazy. When I get into movies or operas or concerts, I really get into them and I don’t want to move, not even to switch the disks. I’d [I]truly[/I] love to have it all on a [I]single[/I] disk. I honestly didn’t know that I could. Again, any thoughts on [B]dual-layer burners[/B]? I’d sacrifice speed, features and just about anything else for fidelity to the source.

Again, thanks.

Looking at the specifications on your burner, then yes, you’ll need to buy a new dvd drive in order to burn to dual layer disks. I’d recommend a Pioneer drive for burning dual layer. Assuming you are doing a straight replacement, you’d need an IDE burner like the Pioneer 116.

If you want to use a SATA interface, get the Pioneer 215 at or the 216 at virtually any online site, like Newegg or Zipzoomfly. (if you are in the US). All of these would be good choices. Another option would be one of the NEC/Optiarc 72xx series drives.

Since you have AnyDVD you can run it in the background to break encryption, then make an ISO of your dvd movie using ImgBurn in Read mode:

Burn the ISO to disk in Write mode.

Sony NEC Optiarc 20X DVD±R Burner Black SATA Model AD-7200S-0B - OEM


Sony NEC Optiarc 20X DVD±R Burner Black IDE Model AD-7200A-0B - OEM

I actually have an open SATA and, if I toss a burner, an IDE bay. Assume I can go either way. Like I emphasized above, fidelity, fidelity, fidelity. Things like speed, labeling, IR nose-hair trimming - I can live without it. If you look at my signature, my stuff’s pretty basic but pretty good.

I want a great product backed by a strong company that can do the same thing over and over reliably. And I don’t hear Plextor being mentioned. Well, HotHardware in December, 2007 gave the Plextor PX-810SA a lukewarm thumbs up. Has Plextor suffered a fall from grace? I have been Googling reviews for dual layer burners and their conclusions are all over the map, more so than I’m used to seeing.

Y’all like Sony, Pioneer, NEC?

I desperately need help making a choice. I started another thread with my top 6:

Help me choose!