First portable to support Ogg Vorbis to be released in March

I just posted the article First portable to support Ogg Vorbis to be released in March., the foundation that is behind the Ogg Vorbis format has announced that it has signed an agreement with the company Digital Innovations to make a portable player that supports the Ogg…

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This will be nice, at least some portable player company is finally implementing vorbis :slight_smile: Redhat 8, Mandrake and every other Linux I’ve come across provides Vorbis encoders & decoders. In fact Redhat 8 decided to discontinue MP3 support altogether, likely due to licensing issues. Nearly every Windows player can play it or just need an OGG plugin. The one last thing OGG needs is P2P sharing support. From what I’ve read, a lot of people do use OGG for storing music, but very few are willing to share them. Probably due to what happened when I seen someone try sharing about 50 OGG tracks on Kazaa: The upload queue got jammed with requests rather quickly!

soulseek has ogg vorbis files on it… but most music on it is in mp3

The new Roxio easy cd 6.0 supports Ogg as well

I think it’s safer to take these announcements with a grain of salt. It seems like the process of implementing vorbis support in portable devices takes many months. Nothing has been released yet, so don’t get excited so soon.